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Professor Ken Roemer Interviewed by Iranian Newspaper


Mohammand Merarian, a reporter for Vaghaye Etefaghiye [Current Affairs], a national reformist newspaper in Iran, recently interviewed Professor Ken Roemer because of his expertise on utopias and dystopias. The hour-long interview ranged over topics that included the functions of the utopian imagination, the current interest in dystopia, utopias grounded in nostalgia for an imagined past, and the implications of state-mandated utopias. The article was published in Persian, but, for the curious, the citation in English is: "Imagination of Utopia and Dystopia: Hope and Warning,” interview by Mohammad Memarian with Kenneth Roemer, “Perspective,” Vaghaye Etefaghiye, No. 543, Monday, Bahman 16, 1396 / February 5, 2018: 14.