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Joul Smith Publishes Article on Star Trek: The Next Generation


Ph.D. candidate and Lecturer Joul Smith recently had an article published in McFarland's Exploring Picard's Galaxy: Essays on Star Trek: The Next Generation. According to Smith:

"My professional goals are to create a discourse with the world around me and help others do the same, which I primarily accomplish through a study of early modern English, biblical literature, science fiction, and modern American rhetoric. This collection of essays [Exploring Picard's Galaxy] offers cultural and historical readings of Star Trek: The Next Generation to honor its thirtieth anniversary and its impact on the American perception of humanity's future. My essay closely examines the underappreciated character, Counselor Deanna Troi, who was, as I put it, the 'only non‐caricatured mental health professional in popular media throughout TNG's airing.' Through her, the epic quality of Star Trek: The Next Generation resonated with a late twentieth century viewership, who expected to see their American ethos embedded in an improved future. She had the effect of a cognitive restructuring about the necessity of mental health, even for super‐human explorers."