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Ned Schaumberg joins English Department as a Postdoctoral Fellow for 2018-19


Dr. Ned Schaumberg, who holds an MA and PhD from the University of Washington in Seattle, will spend academic year 2018-19 here in the English Department at UTA as the Seedbox Postdoctoral Fellow. The Seedbox is a research clusterbased at Linköping University, Sweden, and funded by two Swedish grant agencies, Mistra and Formas. It aims to examine the role of the humanities in understanding and approaching complex environmental problems. Professor of English, Stacy Alaimo, and Professor of History, Chris Morris, successfully secured a Seed Box grant in the Environmental Humanities/Blue Humanities in order to fund the postdoc. While at UTA, Ned will be leading workshops on interdisciplinary pedagogy for graduate students and faculty, and working on his current book project, Waterlogged: Narrating Hydroecologies in the Anthropocene. By looking at a range of texts that attempt to describe the experience of water’s flow and circulation, this project argues that figurative language and narrative structures play an increasingly important role in understanding water across space and time, and in building sustainable relationships with it. You can learn more about Ned’s background and scholarly interests on his website. Click here to contact Ned Schaumberg directly by e-mail.