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Arna Hemenway Reading and Master Class


On October 3, 2018, Pen/Hemingway Award winning author Arna Hemenway, Assistant Professor of English at Baylor University, visited campus to participate in two events sponsored by our Department. The first was a reading from his collection of short fiction, Elegy on Kinderklavier. Hemenway selected passages from the title piece, a story about a father whose son becomes ravaged by cancer. Members of the audience then asked Hemenway questions about his writing process, his beliefs about the purpose of literature, and his advice for developing great characters. Later the same day, Hemenway taught a master class for Creative Writing minors. He discussed writing style and the teaching methods he uses with his students at Baylor for his creative writing classes. He also discussed his own writing process and gave advice to students about the publishing world and writer’s block.