Dr. Johanna M. Smith

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Selected Articles and Book Chapters

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Work in Progress

Interventions: British Women's Social and Political Action 1762-1868. Book in preparation.

Palgrave Guide to Wollstonecraft Studies. Preliminary research for a collection of essays I've been inited to edit.

"Representationsof Slavery in Priscilla Wakefield's Tour Books for Children." Accepted for acollection of essays from April 2001 Discourses of Slavery and Abolition conference.

"Textual Encounters in Eliza Cook's Journal." Accepted for a collectionof essays from July 2000 Research Society for    Victorian Periodicals conference.

"Late-Nineteenth Century Technologies of the Body: Anthropometry and Detection." Paper accepted for International Society    for Literature and Science conference, May 2002.


Invited Lectures

"Forbidden Knowledge or 'Sad Trash'? Alchemical and other Sciences in Frankenstein." Centenary College, Shreveport LA,    September 1998.

"'That horrid parricide, Miss Blandy': Women Reflect on Women in Eighteenth-Century Life-Writings." Unit for the Study of    Biography and Autobiography, La Trobe University, Melbourne, February 1998.

"Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes, and the New Woman." Wayne State University, Detroit MI, December 1997.

"Christian Socialism, the Salvation Army, and the Fragmentation of Victorian Culture."
"Religion and the Fragmentation of Culture in Nineteenth-Century Europe and America"
   conference, Lancaster UK, July 1997.

"Timberbeasts and the IWW: Citizen Activism in the Pacific Northwest." Portland State University, Portland OR, 1995.