Named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2003 and nominated for the James Russell Lowell Prize, the Robert Penn Warren-Cleanth Brooks Award, the Geoerge Jean Nathan Award, the Christian Gauss Award, the Carr P. Colins Award, the C. Hugh Holman Award, and the Joe A. Callaway Prize.

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PhD University of Detroit.

Areas of Interest:

20th C. American Drama
20th C. European Drama
19th and 20th C. American Literatures
Women's Studies

Laurin R. Porter

From the back cover of Orphan's Home:

"Laurin Porter hears the music in Horton Foote's writing: from the secret troubles of his characters, to the historical contexts within which they fight for freedom and dignity, and finally to the elegaic tones which mark their passing. There is no better place to learn why these plays were made, the best way to read them, and what they will mean for future generations."
--Gerald C. Wood, author of Horton Foote and the Theater of Intimacy





ENGL 5327 (WORD | PDF)

Selected Publications:

Orphans' Home: The Voice and Vision of Hortone Foote. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Louisiana State University Press, 2003.

"Musical and Literary Allusions in O'Neill's Final Plays," The Eugene O'Neill Review, 28 (2006): 131-45.

"Memory and the Re-Construction of the Past: Horton Foote's Carpetbagger's Children." The Horton Foote Review 1 (2005): 35-42.

"Contemporary Playwrights / Traditional Forms," Cambridge Companion to American Women Playwrights, 1999.

The Banished Prince: Time, Memory, and Ritual in the Late Plays of Eugene O'Neill. Ann Arbor: UMI Research Press, 1988.

Curriculum Vitae

Courses Taught:


Introduction to the Profession
Theory and Pedagogy
Twentieth Century American Drama
O'Neill and Shepard: Modern and Postmodern Drama
Literature of the American South
Modern European Drama
American Literature, 1865-1910: Realism and Naturalism
American Literature, 1910 - Present
Major Authors, 19th C. American Literature (Dickinson, Crane, James, & Chopin)
Re-presenting Women in 19th C. American Literature
Trauma, Memory, and the Healing Power of Narrative
Representations of Women in 20th Century American Drama


Honors American Studies, I & II (interdisciplinary)
Honors: The Double & Hybridity in 19th C. American Literature
American Literature (sophomore survey)
Re-Presenting Women in 19th C. American Literature (sophomore)
Modern & Contemporary American Drama
Representations of Women in American Drama
Modern European Drama
History of American Literature
Race, Class, and Gender in 19th C. American Literature
American Literature, 1865-1910
American Literature, 1910-1945
American Literature, 1945 - Present
20th C. Major American Authors (O'Neill, Faulkner, & Morrison; Faulkner, O'Connor, & Morrison)
20th C. American Women Writers
The American Novella
American Poetry
British and American Lyric Poetry
Literature of the American South
Women in the Arts (interdisciplinary)