• B.A., Harvard, Honors English, cum laude, 1967
  • M.A., PhD., U of Pennsylvania, American Civilization, 1968, 1971
  • Research: American Indian literatures; Utopian literature (esp. American)
  • Teaching: American literature / culture; inventive modeling nonfiction writing

University of Texas at Arlington, English: Piper Professor (2011- ); Distinguished Scholar Professor (2005); Distinguished Teaching Professor (1998- ); Professor (1982-  ); Associate (1974-82); Assist. (1971-74); International Christian University (Japan): Visiting Prof.(1988); Shimane University (Japan): Visiting Prof. (1982-83); University of Pennsylvania: Teaching and Research Assist. (1968-70). Also at UT Arlington: Graduate Advisor [current title: Assoc. Chair] (1985-92, 96); Project Dir., SW Indian Literature Prog. (1985); and Asst. Dean, Graduate School (1975-77)

  • European Forum Alpbach, Austria (2008)
Guest Lect:
  • Including Harvard University, Connecticut College, Williams College
Major Honors and Grants:
  • 2014 Selected for the UT System Academy of Teachers
  • 2013 UTA Nominee for UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers
  • 2012 Graduate Dean’s Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring
  • 2011 Minnie S. Piper Professor Award [state]
  • 2011 Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award [UT System]
  • 2010 University Nominee for the Minnie S. Piper Teaching [state] Award
  • 2010 Teaching Award Named in My Honor
    Society for Utopian Studies
  • 2008 Lyman Tower Sargent Distinguished Scholarship Award
    Society for Utopian Studies
  • 2008 Writer of the Year (Reference Category) Wordcraft Curcle Award
  • 2007 Alicia Wilkerson Smotherman Faculty Award (inaugural), College
  • 2005 Academy of Distinguished Scholars Award, UTA
  • 2004 Distinguished Record of Research Award, UTA
  • 2003 Outstanding Organization Advisor (Native Am. Student Assn.)
    In 2006 NASA won the Outstanding Internat./Cultural Org. Award
  • 1998 Writer of the Year (Reference Category), Wordcraft Circle Award
  • 1998 Academy of Distinguished Teachers Award, UTA
  • 1988 Chancellor's Outstanding Teaching Award, UTA
  • 1988 University Nominee for the Minnie S. Piper Teaching [state] Award
  • 1976 Nominee for Pulitzer in American History
  • Scholarships/Fellowships: Harvard, Penn, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Sr. Scientist Fellow; lectured at 12 Japanese univ.)
  • Grants: NEH (Summer Sem. Dir., four, $250,000), ACLS (internatl. travel, $500), TCH & Crystelle Waggoner Trust (SW Indian Lit. Prog., $10,000), Exxon ($2,000), UTA College Seed Grant ($10,000), UTA Sustainability Grant ($500); UTA research grants ranging from $200 - $3,000 and two Faculty Development Leaves
  • Summer Seminar and Institute support: NEH, MLA, FIPSE, Yale
  • USIA & Amparts Programs and Invited Lectures/ Papers:
    Italy, Austria, Portugal, Turkey, Brazil, Ireland, France
  • Bibliotheque Nationale & NY Public Library: Utopias Exhibit Adv. Board

Society for Utopian Studies (President, 2002-06-, Prog. Chair, 1994, founding member); MLA (PMLA Advisory Board, wrote proposal for SF/Utopias Disc. Group; Chair Exec. Coms.: Am. Indian Lit. Disc. Group and Div., Late 19th- Early 20th Am. Lit., SF/Utopias Disc. Group; Delegate Assembly (two-terms); Com. Member: Teaching, Publications, Lit. of People of Color. Assoc. for the Study of Am . Indian Lit. (founding member; VP, 1998); Am. Studies Assn. ; Melville Soc.; Reception Studies; Phi Kappa Phi


The Obsolete Necessity (1976); America as Utopia, ed.(1981); Build Your Own Utopia (textbook; 1981);Approaches to Teaching Momaday's The Way to Rainy Mountain, ed.(MLA, 1988); Native American Writers of the United States, ed., DLB, Vol. 175 (1997); [continued on back] Michibata de Deatta Nippon [A Sidewalker's Japan] (2002);Utopian Audiences: How Readers Locate Nowhere (2003); The Cambridge Companion to Native American Literature, co-ed. (2005).


In journals, e.g., American Literature, MFS , College English, Chronicle of Higher Ed., Technology and Culture, Rising Generation (Tokyo), Utopian Studies, SAIL; in books e.g., by MLA, Oxford, UC Berkeley; syndicated personal narrative in <>.


In journals, e.g., American Historical Review, American Literature; Essay Reviews: e.g., American Quarterly, American Literary History


E.g., Covers, Titles, and Tables: Formations of American Literary Canons: <>; on Momaday: <>


American Quarterly (Asst. Ed., 1969-70), ALR (Mang. Ed./Rev. Ed., 1971-85), Utopus Discovered (Ed., 1975-88), Utopian Studies 1 (Coed. Proceed., 1987), Heath Anthology of American Lit. (Contrib. Ed., 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2004), American Literature (Board of Editors, 1993-96), PMLA, Advisory Board (2007- )


In reference sources, e.g., Who's Who in America