Covers, Titles, and Tables: The Formations of American Literary Canons

The characters of the Mathers, father and son. William Penn ; the rapid 
growth of his colony. The literature of Pennsylvania. The origin of 
Yale College. Mention of Berkley dean of Derry; his bounty; his pro-
phetick poem. The administration of Governor Saltonstall . The liberal 
views of Calef . Burnett , his eloquence, and writings. Jeremy Dummer . 
Lieutenant Governor Dummer. Charter of William and Mary '; the advan-
tages derived from it. John Read , a luminary of the law. Lord Cornbury . 
The literature of South Carolina. William and Mary College in Virginia. 
A general summary, reviewing the first century to its close. 	58
A view of the population, difficulties, changes, and state of the colonies at the 
commencement of the second century . Thomas Prince . The character 
of Benjamin Franklin , David Mason . The mathematicians and astrono-
mers; Travis , Ames , and Douglass . The metaphysicians, President Ed-
wards and his son. The discussion respecting the introduction of episco-
pal bishops. The writers on the subject, Apthorp , Seabury , Johnson , 
Chauncey , Mayhew . Sketch of Mayhew . The origin of Columbia College
in the city of New York; Brown , in Rhode Island, and Dartmouth , in 
New Hampshire. The mathematicians who distinguished themselves by 
their observations on the transit of Venus; Rittenhouse and others. Win-
throp 's opinion on the evidences of christianity. 	75
The excitement just before the revolution. The writs of assistance. Otis , 
Gridley , Samuel Adams . Thomas Hutchinson . Josiah Quincy . Dr. 
Samuel Cooper , his taste, eloquence, and fine writings. The massacre. 
The proceedings thereon. The orators in succession on this anniversary. 
The bold doctrines advanced. Attention to Oriental literature. Stephen 
Sewall deeply read in Eastern languages. The republick of letters. The 
influence of the student on society. 	89
The coolness exhibited by our patriots of the revolution. The conduct of the 
Provincial Congress at Watertown, July 17, 1775 . Their first views of the 
battle of Bunker Hill. The Continental Congress. Their decision and mo-
desty. Their petitions to the king, and people of Great Britain . The style of 
the pamphlets and letters of that period. Charleston, (S. C.) first celebrated 
the 4th of July. Dr. Ramsay , and Dr. Ladd , orators. Judge Brecken-
ridge , eulogium on the brave men who had fallen in the contest with Great 
Britain . A parallel between the oration of Pericles and the American 
orator. Washington, a sound, excellent writer. Compared with other 
great chieftains. The conventions called in the several states for taking 
into consideration the question of the adoption of the Federal constitution. 
A succinct view of the speakers in some of the conventions, pro and con. 
Fears and jealousies, hopes and anticipations. The deep interest foreigners 
took in the question. The Remembrancer. The Federalist. The first
Congress. The style of our early laws.  The characters of the first secre-
taries.  The debating talents in the first Congress.  The relationship be-


Dr. Kenneth Roemer
University of Texas at Arlington

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