Covers, Titles, and Tables: The Formations of American Literary Canons

tween literature and science.  Changes in legal reasosning, and the causes of it.  Theology, its trials, its virtues, and its lieterature.  -  -  102
Physicians and clergymen, the same for many years. The early physicians and 
surgeons. The diseases they had to contend with; periods of the preva-
lence of the small pox. Thomas Thatcher 's book. Robert Child . Ger-
shorn Bulkley . Dr. Douglass ; work. Dr. Boylston . Botanists; Catesby 
and Clayton, Dudley, and others. Hippocrates' description of a quack: 
The physicians who figured as officers in the revolutionary war. The 
heads of medical schools; Rush , Middleton , Warren , Dexter , Waterhouse , 
Smith , and others. Character of Dr. Holyoke , his great age and wonder-
ful serenity of mind. Slight notices of several historians and biographers. 
Medical writers, and those who have touched both history and fiction. 
Periodicals, newspapers, &c. The disposition of the English softening 
towards our writers, and the country generally. 	118
A general description of poetry and its uses. A succinct view of English 
poetry from its early dawn in the twelfth century , to the time of Shakspeare , 
or to the time this country was settled. American poetry and poets. 
John Smith . Poetry of Morton 's New-England Memorial. Hooker 's, 
Norton's, Woodbridge 's elegiack verses. Bradford 's, Elliot 's, Wiggles-
worth 's labours. Thomas Makin 's verse, and Wolcott 's, with 
anonymous ballads, and love-lorn elegies. Green , Byles , Osborn , God-
frey , and Pratt . 	139
The state of American poetry at the commencement of the revolution. 
Hopkins , Dwight , Barlow , Humphreys , Hopkinson , Trumbull , Freneau . 
Sewell , Linn . Lathrop , Paine , Prentiss , Boyd , Clifton , Isaac Story , Allen , 
Osborn , Spence , Brainard . A prepared supplement to Gray 's Elegy. 
Reason for not mentioning living poets. Change of opinion on the possi-
bility of uniting ornament with strength in our prose writing. Our own 
country as good for poetry as any other, and our own citizens as poeti-
cal. 	163
The fine arts of a later growth than poetry; the causes. The artists who 
were born or flourished in America . Smybert , Copley , West , Johnson , 
Hancock . Stuart , a portrait. Malbone. Trumbull , a short memoir. De-
scription of his four pictures, the property of the United States . Stan-
dard painting. Engraving. Sculpture. 	189
The faculty of speech the prerogative of man; and eloquence at all times his 
boast. The eloquence of Aaron. Its uses in all times and nations. In-
dian history is full of the passion for eloquence. The Winnebagoes; their 
speeches. The eloquence of Tecumseh. The varieties of eloquence. 
First, second, and third orders of public speaking. The great opportunities 
in our free country for becoming good speakers; the pulpit, the bar, and 	


Dr. Kenneth Roemer
University of Texas at Arlington

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