Covers, Titles, and Tables: The Formations of American Literary Canons

i....,ontents • Vll

136 New England

140 Thomas Morton (1579?-1647?)

141 New English Canaan

Book L Containing the originall of the Natives, their manners & Customes, with their tractable nature and love

141 towards the English
141 from Chapter IV: Of their Houses and Habitations
142 from Chapter VI: Of the Indians apparrell
142 Chapter VIII: Of their Reverence, and respect to age

Chapter XVI: Of their acknowledgment of the Creation,

143 and immortality of the Soule
143 from Chapter XX: That the Salvages live a contended life

Book III: Containing a description of the People that

are planted there, what remarkable Accidents have happened there ... , what Tenents they hould, together with the practise

144 of their Church

from Chapter I: Of a great League made with the Plimmouth

144 Planters after their arrivall, by the Sachem of those Territories

from Chapter V: Of a Massacre made upon the Salvages at

145 Wessaguscus

from Chapter VII: Of Thomas Mortons entertainement at

143 Plimmouth, and castinge away upon an Island

Chapter XVI: How the 9. worthies put mine Host of Ma-re-Mount into the inchaunted Castle at Plimmouth,

146 and terrified him with the Monster Briareus

147 John Winthrop (1588-1649)

149 from A Modell of Christian Charity 157 from The J oumal oOohn Winthrop

164 William Bradford (1590-1657)

166 Of Plymouth Plantation

166 Book I

from Chapter I: The Separatist Interpretation of the Reformation

166 in England 1550-1607

from Chapter IX: Of their Voyage, and how they Passed the Sea;

167 and of their Safe Arrival at Cape Cod
169 Book II
169 from Chapter XI: The Remainder of Anno 1620
172 from Chapter XIV: Anno Domini 1623
173 from Chapter XIX: Anno Domini 1628
177 from Chapter XXIII: Anno Domini 1632
178 from Chapter XXVIII: Anno Domini 1637


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