Covers, Titles, and Tables: The Formations of American Literary Canons

2610 William Wells Brown (1815-1884) 2612 from Clotelle; or, The Colored Heroine

2612 Chapter II, The Negro Sale
2614 Chapter X, The Quadroon's Home
2616 Chapter XI, To-Day a Mistress, To-Morrow a Slave
2618 Chapter XVIII, A Slave-Hunting Parson

2621 Herman Melville (1819-1891) 2625 Bartleby, the Scrivener

2651 The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maids

2651 I, The Paradise of Bachelors
2658 II, The Tartarus of Maids

2669 Benito Cereno 2727 Billy Budd, Sailor

2785 Hawthorne and His Mosses

2798 from Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War

2798 The Portent (1859)
2798 A Utilitarian View of the Monitors Fight

2799 The Maldive Shark 2800 from Timoleon

2800 Monody
2800 Art

2801 Alice Cary (1820-1871)

2803 from Clovernook, or Recollections of our Neighborhood in the West, First Series

2803 Preface

2804 from Clovernook, or Recollections of our Neighborhood

in the West, Second Series

2804 Uncle Christopher's
2819 Conclusion

2822 Elizabeth Stoddard (1823-1902) 2823 Lemorne Versus Huell

2836 Rebecca Harding Davis, 1831-1910 2838 Life in the Iron-Mills

2864 The Emergence of American Poetic Voices

2866 Songs and Ballads 2868 Songs of the Slaves

2868 Lay Dis Body Down
2869 Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Had
2869 Deep River

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