Covers, Titles, and Tables: The Formations of American Literary Canons

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2911 Lines (Suggested by the announcement that "A Bill for the Protection of the Property of Married Women has passed both Houses" of our State Legislature)

2912 Woman

2914 Little Children

2915 To a Slandered Poetess

2917 The Indian Maid's Reply to the Missionary 2918 The Hand That Swept the Sounding Lyre 2919 The Wraith of the Rose

2920 Walt Whitman (1819-1892) 2923 from Leaves of Grass

2923 Preface to the 1855 Edition
2937 Song of Myself (1855 version)
2982 The Sleepers
2990 from Inscriptions
2990 One's-SelfI Sing
2990 from Children of Adam
2990 To the Garden the World
2991 A Woman Waits for Me
2992 from Calamus
2992 In Paths Untrodden
2993 Recorders Ages Hence
2993 When I Heard at the Close of the Day
2994 Here the Frailest Leaves of Me
2994 I Dream'd in a Dream
2995 Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
3000 from Sea-Drift
3000 Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking
3005 from By the Roadside
3005 Europe, the 72d and 73d Years of These States
3007 When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer
3007 To a President
3007 The Dalliance of the Eagles
3008 To the States
3008 from Drum-Taps
3008 Beat! Beat! Drums!
3009 Cavalry Crossing a Ford
3009 Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night
3011 A March in the Ranks Hard-Prest, and the Road Unknown
30 12 Year That Trembled and Reel'd Beneath Me
3012 Ethiopia Saluting the Colors
3012 Reconciliation


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University of Texas at Arlington

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