Covers, Titles, and Tables: The Formations of American Literary Canons

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3010 Poem for the Young White Man Who Asked Me How I, an Intelligent,
         Well-Read Person Could Believe in the War Between Races
3011 Macho
3012 Bananas

3015 Helena Maria Viramontes (b. 1954)
3017 The Cariboo Cafˇ

3026 Aurora Levins Morales (b. 1954)
3027 Child of the Americas
3028 Puertoricanness
3030 Heart of My Heart, Bone of My Bone

3031 Sandra Cisneros (b. 1954) '
3033 Eleven

3035 Gish Jen (b. 1955)
3036 In the American Society

3046 Kimiko Hahn (b. 1955)
3047 Strands
3049 Resistance: A Poem on lkat Cloth
3057 Cuttings

5063 Li-Young Lee (b. 1957)
3064 I Ask My Mother to Sing
3065 My Father, in Heaven, Is Reading Out Loud
3066 With Ruins
3066 This Room and Everything in It

3068 David Foster Wallace (b. 1962)
3069 The Devil ls a Busy Man

3071 Chang-Rae Lee (b. 1965)
3072 Coming Home Again

3079 Sherman Alexie (b. 1966)
3081 Because My Father Always Said He Was the Only Indian Who Saw Jimi
          Hendrix Play "The Star Spangled Banner" at Woodstock

3086 Edwidge Danticat (b. 1969)
3088 New York Day Women

3091 Minh Duc Nguyen
3093 Tale of Apricot

A-1 Acknowledgments
I-1 Index of Authors, Titles, and First Lines of Poems


Dr. Kenneth Roemer
University of Texas at Arlington

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