Covers, Titles, and Tables: The Formations of American Literary Canons

Contents vii

55 	CAPTAIN JOHN SMITH (1580-1631)
		56 	The General Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles
				Book III, from Chapter II [Captain Smith's Captivity]
		61 	from A Description of New England [Growing Rich in the New World]

65 	The Literature of Colonial America, 1620-1776
	65 		A "City upon a Hill": New England
	65 		The Religious Background
	67 		The Voyage; The Landfall
	68 		Puritan Beliefs
	69 		Puritan Literature
	70 		Native Americans
	70 		Government Obedience
	71 		Women
	72 		A "Vale of Plenty": The South
	74 		Southern Intellectual Life
	75 		Toward the Revolution: The Eighteenth Century
	75 		The Enlightenment
	76 		Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening
	77 		Settlers and Skirmishes

79 	WILLIAM BRADFORD (1590-1657)
	80 	Of Plymouth Plantation
	81 		Chapter IX: Of Their Voyage, and How They Passed the Sea; and of Their
			Safe Arrival at Cape food
	83 		Chapter X: Showing How They Sought Out a Place of Habitation; and What
			Befell Them Thereabout
	87 		Chapter Xl: The Remainder of Anno 1620
				[The Mayflower Compact]
				[The Starving Time]
				[Indian Relations]

				The Life of William Bradford, Esq.
92 	JOHN WINTHROP (1588-1649)
	93 	from A Model of Christian Charity

95 	ANNE BRADSTREET (ca. 1612-1672)
	97	The Prologue
	98	The Author to Her Book
	99	Before the Birth of One of Her Children


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University of Texas at Arlington

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