Covers, Titles, and Tables: The Formations of American Literary Canons

Contents ix

			from Chapter I: Of the Persons of the Indians and Their Dress
			from Chapter II: Of the Marriages Amongst the Indians, and Management
			of Their Children
			from Chapter III: Of the Towns, Buildings, and Fortifications of the

			A Key into the Language of America, 1643

			History of the Dividing Line
				[The Great Dismal Swamp]

			Notes on the State of Virginia
				[On North American Indians]

165 	EDWARD TAYLOR (ca. 1642-1729)
		Preparatory Meditations
	166 		Meditation 8 (First Series): [I kening through Astronomy Divine]
	167 		Preface to God's Determinations
	168 		Huswifery

169 WILLIAM BYRD (1674-1744)
	170 	William Byrd: His Secret Diary for the Years 1709-1712
			June, July, and August 1710, March, April, October, and November, 1711

175 JONATHAN EDWARDS (1703-1758)
	177 	from Personal Narrative
	181 from Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

182 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (170*1790)
	184 	The Autobiography
	223 	Poor Richard Improved, 1758
			[Father Abraham's Speech; or The to Wealth]
	229 	from Information to Those Who Would Remove to America

	231		Native Americans and the Myth of the Noble Savage
	232	Michel de Montaigne, from "Of Coaches"
	232	William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation [On the burning of a Pequot village]
	232	Samuel Sewall, from Letter to Sir William Ashurst (May 3, 1700)
	232 	General Jeffery Amherst, from Letter (1732)


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University of Texas at Arlington

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