Volume A
Colonial Period to 1800
Paul Lauter
Richard Yarborough
Trinity College
University of California, Los Angeles
General Editor
Associate General Editor
Jackson R Bryer
Charles Molesworth
University of Maryland
Queens College, City University
King-Kok Cheung
of New York
University of California, Los Angeles
Raymund Paredes
Anne Goodwyn Jones
University of Texas, San Antonio
University of Missouri
Ivy T. Schweitzer
Wendy Martin
Dartmouth College
Claremont Graduate University
Andrew 0. Wiget
Quentin Miller
New Mexico State University
Suffolk University
Sandra A. Zagarell
Oberlin College
John Alberti
Northern Kentucky University
Editor, Instructor’s Guide

James Kyung-Jin Lee
University of California, Santa Barbara
Associate Editor
Lois Leveen
Electronic Resources Editor

Mary Pat Brady
Cornell University
Associate Editor
Houghton Mifflin Company
Boston : New York