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577 To His Excellency General Washington
578 Lefter ro Samson Occom

579 Hendrick Aupaumut (Mahican) (1757-1830)

581 from A Short Narration of My Last Journey to the Western Country

584 Hannah Webster Foster (1758-1840)
586 The Coquette; or, the History of Eliza Wharton
586 Letter I: To Miss Lucy Freeman
587 Lefter II: To the Same
588 Letter III: To the Same
589 Lefter IV: To Mr. Selby
590 Letter V: To Miss Lucy Freeman
591 Letter VI: To the Same
592 Letter VIII: To Mr. Charles Deighton
592 Letter XI: To Mr. Charles Deighton
593 Lefter XII: To Miss Lucy Freeman
594 Lefter XIII: To Miss Eliza Wharton
595 Lefter XVIII: To Mr. Charles Deighton
596 Lefter LXV: To Mr. Charles Deighton
597 Letter LXVIII: To Mrs. M. Wharton
599 Lefter LXXI: To Mrs. Lucy Sumner
601 Lefter LXXII: To Mr. Charles Deighton
602 Lefter LXXIII: To Miss Julia Granby
603 Lefter LXXIV: To Mrs. M. Wharton



636 Native America

638 Jane Johnston Schoolcraft (Ojibwa) (1800-1841) 639 Mishosha, or the Magician and His Daughters

644 William Apess (Pequot) (1798-?)
645 An Indian's Looking-Glass for the White Man
650 Elias Boudinot (Cherokee) (c. 1802-1839)
651 An Address to the Whites

658 Seattle (Ouwamish) (1786-1866)

659 Speech of Chief Seartle