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1295 Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)


1298 [I never lost as much but twice]
1298 [Success is counted sweetest]
1298 [Come slowly-Eden!]
1299 [Wild Nights-Wild Nights!]
1299 [There's a certain Slant of light]
1299 [I'm Nobody! Who are you?]
1300 [The Soul selects her own Society-]
1300 [Some keep the Sabbath going to Church]
1301 [After great pain, a formal feeling comes-]
1301 [God is a distant-stately Lover-]
1301 [Dare you see a Soul at the White Heat?]
1302 [What Soft-Cherubic Creatures-]
1302 [Much Madness is divinest Sense-]
1303 [This is my letter to the World]
1303 [This was a Poet-It is That]
1303 [I heard a Fly buzz-when 1 died-]
1304 [This World is not Conclusion]
1305 [I started Early-Took my Dog-]
1305 [I reckon-when 1 count at all-]
1306 [They shut me up in Prose-]
1306 [The Brain-is wider than the Sky-]
1307 [I cannot live with You-]
1308 [I dwell in Possibility-]
1309 [One need not be a Chamber-to be Haunted-]
1309 [Publication-is the Auction]
1310 [Because 1 could not stop for Death-]
1310 [She rose to His Requirement-dropt]
1311 [My Life had stood-a Loaded Gun-]
1312 [Presentiment-is that long Shadow--on the Lawn-]
1312 [A narrow Fellow in the Grass]
1313 [Title divine-is mine!]
1313 [Tell all the Truth but tell it slant-]
1313 [He preached upon "Breadth" till it argued him narrow-]
1314 [What mystery pervades a well!]
1315 ["Heavenly Father"-take to thee]
1315 [A Route of Evanescence]
1316 [The Bible is an Antique Volume-]
1316 [Volcanoes be in Sicily]
1316 [Rearrange a "Wife's" affection']
1317 [To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee]