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27 AUGUST 15
Robert S. Brown on Gerald Wood's biography of the (unrelated) Smoky Joe.

22 AUGUST 15
Tim Morris learns what it was like Facing America's Team.

18 AUGUST 15
Brian Burmeister on Kent Babb's study of Allen Iverson, Not a Game.

10 AUGUST 15
G. Louis Heath explores the evolution of the gym, in Eric Chaline's Temple of Perfection.

31 JULY 15
Dick Crepeau on NFL scandal, Goodell, Kraft, and Brady.

26 JULY 15
Ellen Bartges on Jennifer Ring's collection of voices from women's baseball: A Game of Their Own.

25 JULY 15
Dick Crepeau raises the complicated questions about PEDs that the Baseball Hall of Fame doesn't want to.

20 JULY 15
Joe Mullins on Jeff Goldberg's account of a college-basketball pairing that is Unrivaled.

6 JULY 15
Dick Crepeau on the USA's rousing World Cup victory.

2 JULY 15
The .pdf proceedings of the 2015 SLA conference in Johnson City are now online, thanks to editor Matt Tettleton.

30 JUNE 15
Dick Crepeau reviews Amir Bar-Lev's documentary Happy Valley.

26 JUNE 15
The SLA thanks Joyce Duncan, Don Johnson, and ETSU for a wonderful, productive, and memorable 32nd annual conference.

22 JUNE 15
James Holzmeister observes a little-known aspect of translatlantic boxing history in Gareth Jones' Dragons vs Eagles.

14 JUNE 15
Anyone satisfied with 10,000 steps a day needs to read Duncan Jamieson's review of Walk of Ages by Jim Reisler.

10 JUNE 15
Dick Crepeau reviews Amir Bar-Lev's documentary Happy Valley.

6 JUNE 15
Bob Epling on Robert Burk's new life of baseball-labor pioneer Marvin Miller.

5 JUNE 15
Dick Crepeau on The Triple Crown.

4 JUNE 15
Brian Burmeister has our review of dominant pugilist Ronda Rousey's My Fight / Your Fight.

31 MAY 15
Dick Crepeau has been away and has some catching up to do.

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