the sport literature association

4 DEC 18
Ethics in the FBS, NFL, and NHL? Dick Crepeau advises: Follow the money.

21 NOV 18
The SLA is saddened to hear of the death, on 15 November, of Glynn Leyshon, several times our conference host in London, Ontario, and a frequent contributor of short stories to SLA conferences and to Aethlon.

20 NOV 18
Dick Crepeau on scandals in US gymnastics.

19 NOV 18
CALL FOR PAPERS: The 36th Annual Sport Literature Association Conference, 19-22 June 2019, at the University of Limoges (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France). Includes the Lyle Olsen Graduate Essay Prize.

15 NOV 18
Dick Crepeau writes: "Eric Solomon, a longtime member and major figure of the Sport Literature Association, died on Sunday, November 11, at his home in San Francisco, California. He had a long and distinguished academic career as teacher, scholar, administrator, and union leader. He arrived at the English Department of San Francisco State from Ohio State University in 1964. Eric was one of those consulted by Lyle Olsen during Lyle's founding of SLA. He was an early member and a regular attendee at the annual conferences where he offered formal papers, and insightful, delightful commentary. He served as a mentor for many members of the organization. Eric's sense of humor was disarming and his advice was always arming. Above all, Eric Solomon was a kind human being who loved his role as SLA's resident curmudgeon. His knowledge of literature and of sport was unsurpassed. Along with Jules Tygiel, he created the first team-taught university course combining the History and Literature of Baseball. It legitimized and inspired similar courses across the academic landscape. Sport Literature was a small part of his long and distinguished academic career, but it was one of the loves of his academic life."

12 NOV 18
Dick Crepeau on the Maryland football crisis.

6 NOV 18
Mark Noe relives The Half-Game Pennant of 1908 via Charles Alexander's account.

31 OCT 18
William Steele goes back with Roger Robinson to an era When Running Made History.

25 OCT 18
Dick Crepeau recommends watching the court docket to learn about the latest corruption in college sport.

22 OCT 18
Shelly Sanders identifies with the issues raised in Angie Abdou's Home Ice, and also finds that they go far beyond the family and the rink.

5 OCT 18
Mark D. Howell reviews the Replays, Rivalries and Rumbles collected by Steven Gietscher.

4 OCT 18
Duncan Jamieson on a study of the culture and rhetoric of American bicycling, First Taste of Freedom by Robert Turpin.

2 OCT 18
Joseph Stanton has our review of a new collection with several sport poems, Paul Nelson's Learning to Miss.

26 SEPT 18
Bruce Pratt on Ron McDole's memories of pivotal years in pro football, The Dancing Bear (written with Rob Morris).

23 SEPT 18
Dick Crepeau celebrates Tiger Woods' victory in the Tour Championship.

21 SEPT 18
Dick Crepeau on Winton Solberg's sobering account of Creating the Big Ten.

10 SEPT 18
Naomi Osaka defeats Serena Williams at the US Open, and Dick Crepeau files his report.

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