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3 JUNE 16
Register here for the June 2016 SLA Conference in Fredericton NB. .pdf conference program is available for download.

27 MAY 16
G. Louis Heath on Lindsay Parks Pieper's disturbing account of the "policing" of gender in sport, Sex Testing.

18 MAY 16
Dick Crepeau has our take on George Gmelch's years Playing with Tigers.

17 MAY 16
Dave Buchanan reviews observations on the literature of bicycle touring, by another Self-Propelled Voyager, SLA Past President Duncan Jamieson.

2 MAY 16
Brian Burmeister has our review of the boxing documentary Manny.

27 APRIL 16
Jason Blake learns about George Bowering's third-favorite sport in The Hockey Scribbler.

9 APRIL 16
G. Louis Heath explores better living through Team Chemistry in Nathan Corzine's study of baseball and substances, performance-enhancing or the reverse.

8 APRIL 16
Charmayne Mulligan learns the physics of hockey from Alain Haché's Slap Shot Science.

7 APRIL 16
G. Louis Heath contemplates Tim Delaney's collection of current work on Sportsmanship.

4 APRIL 16
Dick Crepeau celebrates the champion Gophers and wonders why more people haven't.

22 MARCH 16
Dick Crepeau assesses Ron Smith's indictment of Penn State football culture, Wounded Lions.

15 MARCH 16
This is the year, right? Cubs win Series? Dick Crepeau reflects.

4 MARCH 16
Arsenal fan and Kansas SLAer Philip Wedge relives the Invincible season in Amy Lawrence's study.

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