the sport literature association

18 JULY 17
Dick Crepeau on Wimbledon, including the transcendence of men's doubles.

4 JULY 17
A warm thanks to Jeremy Larance for hosting services above and beyond the call of duty, during the SLA's annual conference in West Virginia.

5 JUNE 17
Gary Heath on Home Team, the San Francisco Giants.

23 MAY 17
SLA member Brian Burmeister presents an interview with basketball star and activist Craig Hodges: a link to the audio file; the .pdf transcript.

22 MAY 17
To include special formatting, we present Andy Harvey's review of A Natural by Ross Raisin in .pdf.

9 MAY 17
Dick Crepeau on the harassment of Adam Jones.

2 MAY 17
Dick Crepeau on the NFL, ESPN, and the future of sports broadcasting rights.

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