the sport literature association

5 JUNE 17
Gary Heath on Home Team, the San Francisco Giants.

3 JUNE 17
REGISTER NOW: The 34th Annual Conference of the Sport Literature Association will be held Wednesday, June 21 through Saturday, June 24, 2017, in West Virginia.

23 MAY 17
SLA member Brian Burmeister presents an interview with basketball star and activist Craig Hodges: a link to the audio file; the .pdf transcript.

22 MAY 17
To include special formatting, we present Andy Harvey's review of A Natural by Ross Raisin in .pdf.

9 MAY 17
Dick Crepeau on the harassment of Adam Jones.

2 MAY 17
Dick Crepeau on the NFL, ESPN, and the future of sports broadcasting rights.

17 APRIL 17
Gary Heath on a fine new study of baseball and the First World War, Jim Leeke's From the Dugouts to the Trenches

12 APRIL 17
Dick Crepeau follows the Oakland Nomads, as greed takes the Raiders, once again, away from the Bay.

6 APRIL 17
Dick Crepeau on developments in women's sport, that beat Men's March Madness for excitement.

25 MARCH 17
Dick Crepeau on the potential appeal of the World Baseball Classic, and on the problems when NBA stars don't play.

24 MARCH 17
The Aethlon Index has been updated.

15 MARCH 17
Dick Crepeau on a magical night at the World Baseball Classic.

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