the sport literature association

5 SEPT 14
Dick Crepeau watches Roger Goodell tergiversate.

30 AUG 14
Diane McManus surveys Charles Kastner's treatment of the long-forgotten 1929 Bunion Derby.

25 AUGUST 14
Dick Crepeau on the Little League World Series and Mo'Ne Davis.

21 AUG 14
The 1954 Indians went Pitching to the Pennant: Amy Essington reviews a new crowdsourced essay collection on that club.

14 AUGUST 14
Dick Crepeau on the implications of the O'Bannon Case.

13 AUG 14
Proceedings of the 2014 SLA Conference are now available in .pdf format online.

10 AUG 14
Robert Ciaffa on a strong new biography of Hall of Famer Robin Roberts, by C. Paul Rogers III.

4 AUG 14
Phil Wedge finds Joe Schrag's new book on The Kansas Relays to be informative and ring true.

Dick Crepeau catches up on summer 2014 sports news of varying degrees of credibility.

30 JULY 14
Connie Ann Kirk reviews a useful new collection of writings on Motorsports and American Culture.

27 JULY 14
Tom Wells on a peculiar chapter of baseball history, The Continental League, as recalled by author Russell Buhite.

12 JULY 14
Dick Crepeau's perspective on the 2014 World Cup.

8 JULY 14
Cory Willard has our review of Angie Abdou's Canterbury Trail.

1 JULY 14
Matthew Teutsch reads Mark Halfon's spinning of some Tales from the Deadball Era.

30 JUNE 14
Lisa Timpf gleans more than just a Fleck of Golf History.

2 JULY 14
The SLA thanks host Angie Abdou, the College of the Rockies, and Program Chair Jamie Dopp for a terrific 31st annual conference.

18 JUNE 14
G. Louis Heath shares some memories while reading a new book about the 1975 Reds: The Great Eight.

18 JUNE 14
Dick Crepeau has a week with almost too much sports to watch.

8 JUNE 14
Jeffrey Beck spends some time in Big Train's Backyard.

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