the sport literature association

11 JUNE 18
Dick Crepeau on a run of memorable champions.

7 JUNE 18
The 35th Sport Literature Association conference will be held 20-23 June 2018 in Lawrence KS. The Conference website, including the on-line registration page, is now open.

2 JUNE 18
Dick Crepeau on the NFL, Trump, and the anthem.

15 MAY 18
Dick Crepeau on the newest cheerleder troubles in the NFL.

14 MAY 18
Ron Smith's new poems in The Humility of the Brutes draw warm praise from Don Johnson.

11 MAY 18
Dick Crepeau catches up with a mad few months in sports.

22 APRIL 18
Mark Howell reviews Connie Ann Kirk's sobering study of violence in motor sports, Taken by Speed.

20 APRIL 18
Dick Crepeau enjoys a memoir by Upton Bell, who was Present at the Creation of modern pro football.

19 APRIL 18
Joseph Dorinson reviews Charley Rosen's history of Jews and basketball, The Chosen Game.

18 APRIL 18
Gary Heath on Susan & Simon Veness' account of how one soccer entrepreneur kept Defying Expectations.

20 MARCH 18
I Fight for a Living, Louis Moore's new study of African-American boxers between the World Wars, wins Matthew Teutsch's admiration.

19 MARCH 18
Gary Heath is taken back to the days of the USFL in a new book by Paul Reeths.

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