the 2009 sla conference program
university of western ontario
london, ontario

don morrow, host
mark noe, program chair

The SLA on the Shores of Lake Huron

thurs 6.25     fri 6.26     sat 6.27     sun 6.28

THURSDAY, June 25, 2009

8:00 am, Registration packet pick-up and coffee served outside the meeting room

8:30 - 8:45am Welcome remarks: Labatt Health Sciences Building, room # 351

8:45-10:00 am

World Sport, Worldwide

Chair: Dennis Gildea
Don Johnson (East Tennessee State University): "Sport as a Moral Thermometer in Roddy Doyle's Paddy Clarke, Ha, Ha, Ha"
Toby C. Rider (University of Western Ontario): "Perpetuating the Past: A Content Analysis of The Wisden Cricketer Magazine, 2005-2006"

10-10:30am Break


Kid Lit, Seriously

Chair: Tim Morris
Meg Popovic & Don Morrow (University of Western Ontario): "'You Can Fly!': Reimagining Peter Pan and Snowboarding's Olympic Neverland"
Dennis Gildea (Springfield College): "Clair Bee Battles Anti-Semitism and Racism in Fiction and Reality"
Mike McGuinness (Teesside University): "Roy of the Rovers: The 'New Man' of British Post-War Boys' Comics"

LUNCH 12:00-1:30

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Dale Ritterbusch at the 2009 SLA

1:30 - 2:45pm

Poetry . . . and Poetry-of-Baseball Criticism

Chair: Don Johnson
Richard Parker (University of Sussex): "Baseball in American Avant-Garde Poetry from Imagism to L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E"
Dale Ritterbusch (University of Wisconsin, Whitewater): Poetry Reading
H. R. Stoneback (SUNY-New Paltz): Poetry Reading
Phil Raisor (Old Dominion University): Poetry Reading

Session 4 3:00-4:30pm

Canada & Hockey (if that's not redundant)

Chair: Michael Oriard
Michael Buma (University of Western Ontario): " 'Sweet Puck, You Do Their Work, and They Shall Have Good Luck': The Role of Shakespeare in Canadian Hockey Novels"
Cara Hedley (University of Calgary): "Playing Against the Rules: Representations of Women in Canadian Hockey Literature"
Andrew C. Holman (Bridgewater State College): "Telling Stories about Indigeneity and Canadian Sport: The Spectacular Cree & Ojibway Indian Hockey Barnstorming Tour of North America, 1928"
Jamie Dopp (University of Victoria): "Hockey, Zen, and the Art of Bill Gaston"

Evening: Dinner Chez Morrow (Our Home: map will be provided at conference)2

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FRIDAY, June 26, 2009


Eric Solomon and Mike Oriard consider swimming back to the United States

Baseball, Fiction, Culture, and Eric

Chair: Ed Sims
Eric Solomon (San Francisco State University): "The Non-Fiction Baseball Writings of Mark Harris"
Sue Tretter (Lindenwood University): "Baseball: A Story of American Culture"
Scott D. Peterson (University of Maine): "Ring Leader: The Cultural Work of Lardner's Sources and Imitators in Early Twentieth Century Mass Market Baseball Fiction"

10-10:30am Break


Enthralled listeners at a fiction session

Sport & Drama

Chair: Joyce Duncan
Sylvester Frazier (University of Texas, Arlington): "Sackler's Sympathetic Champion"
Shelly Sanders (Abilene Christian University): "'Mi Carne, Mi Sangre, Mis Ilusiones': The Collision of Words and Worlds in Milcha Sanchez-Scott's 'The Cuban Swimmer'"
Frank P. Fury (Monmouth University): "'Those Cold and Timid Souls Who Knew Neither Victory Nor Defeat': The Politics of Jason Miller's That Championship Season"
Susan Bandy (Ohio State University): "Sport Stripped Bare: David Storey's The Changing Room"

LUNCH on your own


Fiction & Fictional Beginnings

Chair: Susan Bandy
Scott D. Peterson (University of Maine) & Shelly Sanders (Abilene Christian University): Reading from That Was Everything
Mike Pemberton (Independent Scholar): Reading from Running Rams
Dennis Gildea (Springfield College): "Slow Dancing at the Sound of Speed"
Angie Abdou (University of Calgary & College of the Rockies): "Writing The Bone Cage: A Consideration of the Body and Identity in Contemporary Sport Novels"

2:45-3pm Break

Jeff Segrave and Don Johnson. What to make of a diminished thing?


Football, American Style

Chair: Sylvester Frazier
Julian Meldon D'Arcy (University of Iceland): "Stover at Oxford? A New Reading of Owen Johnson's Classic American College and Football Novel from 1912"
Michael Oriard (Oregon State University): "Football's Aesthetic of Excess"
Jim Garrett (University School): "Does Poetry Play Football?"

makeup presentation

Will Bishop (University of Kansas): "Babe Ruth, Roy Hobbs and the Myth of the Underdog: The American Variation on the Hero Myth in Bernard Malamud's The Natural"

Evening Banquet at Michael's Gardens, Somerville House (on campus, cash bar)3

Guest Speaker: Paul Quarrington

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SATURDAY, June 27, 2009


The Heavy Stuff: Philosophy, Politics, Clubs, and Love

Chair: Julian D'Arcy
Jeffrey Segrave (Skidmore College): "'A style of living through disorder': Sport in the fiction and philosophy of Henry de Montherlant"
Louise Johnson (University of Sheffield): "Parody, Politics, and Sport in Gutierrez (1927-35)"
Kerry Ahearn (Oregon State University): "The Amateur Debate, Class Purity, and Rowing Club Histories in English"
Ronald A. Smith (Pennsylvania State University): "A Debutant's Passion-A Coach's Erotica: Love Letters of a Harvard Man and a Boston Elite"

10-10:30am Break


Glynn Leyshon & HR Stoneback at Glynn's lake cottage

World Classics

Chair: Dale Ritterbusch
Tim Morris (University of Texas, Arlington): "The Nerves of the Novel: Sport in Lolita"
Cindy Butler (Cape Breton University): "Penny-Theatre Characters in Early Surtees"
H. R. Stoneback (SUNY-New Paltz): "Hemingway's Big Two-Hearted Sport Poem (and Painting): On Fishing and Bullfighting, Writing and Painting"

11:45am-12:15pm Business Meeting

2:15'ish Departure for an Afternoon/Evening of Fun and Fiction at Glynn and Judy Leyshon's Cottage (near Port Franks on Lake Huron)4

Chair: Scott Peterson
Glynn Leyshon (University of Western Ontario): "The Bully"
Duncan Jamieson (Ashland University): "Two-Wheel Wanderings: From Manhattan Beach to Nahant Beach"
Cara Hedley (University of Calgary): Excerpt from Twenty Miles
Don Johnson (East Tennessee State University): Poetry Reading

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SUNDAY, June 28, 2009

Shelly Sanders, SLA President


Out There in Sportland Future, plus Fiction for the Road

Chair: Duncan Jamieson
Jason Blake (Ljubljana University): "What's Going On? Cross-Cultural Confusion in the Sporting Realm"
Amy Joy Ransom (Central Michigan University): "Sites of Memory . . . in the Future: Sports Architecture in Quebec's Science Fiction"
Fred Mason (University of New Brunswick): "The Jugger's Salute to North American and International Sports Film Audiences"
Chris Risker (Webster University): "The Running Bar"

The Sport Literature Association is grateful for the generous financial assistance provided from these offices at The University of Western Ontario: the office of the Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences; the office of the Director, School of Kinesiology; and the office of the Vice-President (Research & International Relations).

All sessions (unless otherwise noted) will be in room # 35, Labatt Health Sciences Building, on the campus of the University of Western Ontario

The Morrow (Don and Jen) residence (Thursday evening's picnic) is a short drive from the campus (directions in registration packet and reminders available at the afternoon session)

The Friday evening banquet will be in Somerville House, on campus, cash bar.

The Leyshon beach house (Saturday afternoon's picnic and reading) is near Port Franks (directions in registration packet and reminders available at the afternoon session).

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