the 2010 sla conference program
pennsylvania college of technology
williamsport, pennsylvania

mark noe, host
jay d'arcy, program chair

As young as you feel: the spirit of Williamsport

wed 6.23     thurs 6.24     fri 6.25     sat 6.26

WEDNESDAY 23 June 2010

8:00 am, Registration & Coffee at Professional Development Center (PDC)

8:45-9:00am, Welcoming remarks: President Gilmour & Dean Coppersmith.

9:00-10:15 am

Football & Boxing

Chair: Joyce Duncan

Julian Meldon D'Arcy (University of Iceland): Holding the Line: Willa Cather, Football and Fiction of the First World War

Sylvester Frazier (University of Texas, Arlington): Coolnerd: My Semi- Secret Life on Fantasy Football Message Boards

Rebeccah Dawson (UNC, Chapel Hill): 'Caution is the mother of the K.O.': The Tragedy of Athletic stardom in Bertolt Brecht's 'The Uppercut.'

10:15-10:45am Coffee Break


Gambling & Religion

Chair: Don Johnson

Jeremy Larance (West Liberty University): Raisers and Razors: 'Darktown' Poker Stories from Life to Jerry Reed

Joyce Duncan (East Tennessee State University): Money Talks and Bullshit Walks: Confessions of a Casino Dealer

Greg Thomas (Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School): Playing with the Souls: The Sport of Religion in Dante's Divine Comedy

LUNCH 12:00-1:30

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1:30 - 2:45pm

Baseball I

Chair: Scott Peterson

Tim Morris (U of Texas, Arlington): The Cultural Work of Baseball Joe

Alexander Truncale (Oklahoma State U): Game of Shadows

2:45-3:15pm Coffee Break


Fiction Reading I

Chair: Julian M. D'Arcy

Dennis Gildea (Springfield College): Still Working on the Third Side

Rick Paar (Springfield College): Shiner

Chris Risker (Webster University): Top Water Running

Marjorie Maddox (Hafer) (Lock Haven U): Baseball poetry; For Real (fiction)

Scholars of different footballs:Sylvester Frazier and Lee McGowan

EVENING: BASEBALL GAME at Bowman Field, Williamsport

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THURSDAY 24 June 2010

[Note: All Thursday sessions will be held in Penn's Inn, on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center.]


Sport & Poetry

Chair: Tim Morris

Don Johnson (East Tennessee State U): Fishing for Aesthetics in John Gay's Rural Sports

Dave Hutter (Case Western Reserve U): Losing Exposed in the Poetry of Sport

Dave Vanderwerken (Texas Christian U): Don Johnson's Here and Gone: New and Selected Poems

10:15-10:45am Coffee Break



Chair: Julian Meldon D'Arcy

Lee McGowan (Queensland U of Technology): Marking Out the Pitch: Defining the Football Fiction Genre

John Turnbull (Editor, The Global Game): 'Into the woods': The Goalkeeper's Life of Isolation, Risk, and Metamorphosis

Richard V. McGehee (U of Texas, Austin): 'Net-Puncher and Rotten-Hands': Jorge Amado's A Bola e o Goleiro

Noon-1:30pm LUNCH


Fiction Reading II

Eric Solomon models scholarly practices for Duncan Jamieson

Chair: Duncan Jamieson

Scott D. Peterson (University of Maine): The Journeyman's Tale

Angie Abdou (College of the Rockies): selections

Fiction Writers' Panel


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FRIDAY 25 June 2010


Female Authors & Sport Fiction

Chair: Jeff Segrave

Frank P. Fury (Monmouth U): 'The Courageous Soul That Dares and Defies': Sporting Moments in The Awakening

Chris Risker (Webster U): Running as a Literary Device in the Novels of Virginia Woolf

Angela Abdou (College of the Rockies): 'Dreamers and Desperados': Sport as Subversive Space in Three Contemporary Swimming Novels

10:15-10:45am Coffee Break


Movies / South African / Canadian

Chair: Frank Fury

Douglas Sherry (Pennsylvania College of Technology): The Crisis of Authority in Sport Films of the 1970s

Don Morrow (U of Western Ontario): From the Ribald to the Profound: Paul Quarrington's Lens on Sport

Duncan Jamieson (Ashland University): The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cyclist: Coetzee's Slow Man

noon-1:30pm LUNCH


Baseball II

Dick Crepeau and Eric Solomon in Williamsport

Chair: John Slack

Michael Brittain (U of Texas, Arlington): 'A Heap of Arms, Feet, and Legs': The Body, Dismemberment, and Aesthetics in Civil War Baseball Fiction

Scott D. Peterson (U of Maine): High Meets Low: Heywood Broun's Triple Bildung Narrative in The Sun Field

Justin Burton (Rutgers University): Women and Wax: The Misogyny of Collecting in Nick Hornby's High Fidelity

2:45-3:15pm Coffee Break


Fiction Reading II

Chair: Dennis Gildea

Shelly Sanders (Abilene Christian U): Bodies in Accelerated Motion

Jason Roberts (Oklahoma State U): Approach Shot

Lee McGowan (Queensland U of Technology): Tragic Greeks

EVENING: BBQ at 6:00 at the Victorian House

Mark Noe greets the crowd at the BBQ

POETRY READING after the BBQ in the PDC

Ron Smith (St. Christopher's School)

Don Johnson (East Tennessee State U)

Linda Kittell (Washington State U)

plus fiction: John Morefield (East Tennessee State U): Old Hippy Mountain

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SATURDAY 26 June 2010


French Literature

Chair: Susan Bandy

Jeffrey Segrave (Skidmore College): 'A hundred cows are more trouble than a thousand bulls': Henry de Montherlant and Women in Sport

Julie Gaucher (France): Football and Sport Literature in France: The Literary Contest of the French Federation of Football (1928 - )

Thomas Bauer (French National Institute of Sport): The View of a Catholic Writer on the Winter Sportswoman: Henry Bordeaux in the 1920s

10:15-10:45am Coffee Break


Young Adult / Crime

Chair: Sylvester Frazier

Dennis Gildea (Springfield College): 44: The Intersection of Coaching and Writing

John Slack (Florida Memorial U): Jackie, the Dodgers, and the Impending Storm: Detecting Race in Robert B. Parker's Double Play

Phil Wedge (Kansas U): Hercule Poirot and the Sport of Crime

12:00–1:15pm LUNCH

1:15–1:30pm Remembering Ed Sims (led off by Dennis Gildea)



Baseball III

Eric pursued by his doppelgänger

Chair: Michele Schiavone

Eric Solomon (San Francisco State U): Baseball Haiku

Linda Kittell (Washington State U): Love Reports to Spring Training

2:45-3:15pm Coffee Break


Creative Nonfiction Reading

Chair: Shelly Sanders

Richard V. McGehee (U of Texas, Austin): The Sacred Fire

Frank P. Fury (Monmouth U): The Tennis Balls in My Kitchen

Paul 'Babe' Mayer (Pennsylvania College of Technology): Babe Ruth, 'An American Icon,' Played at Penn College

6:00–??? SLA BANQUET at Le Jeune Chef Restaurant

GUEST SPEAKER: Sarah Freligh

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