the 2013 sla conference program
monmouth university
west long branch, new jersey

frank fury, host
jeremy larance, program chair

wed 6.26     thurs 6.27     fri 6.28     sat 6.29

WEDNESDAY 26 June 2013

8:45-9:15am: Introductions

Dr. Stanton Green (Monmouth University), Dean of the McMurray School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Duncan Jamieson (Ashland University), SLA President


Panel I: Cool Runnings

Chair: Richard Crepeau (University of Central Florida)

Dick Crepeau prepares his objections to the entire ensuing panel

Tim Morris (University of Texas at Arlington)
"Running Away and Hiding in the Bathroom: Sport in the Novels of Jean-Philippe Toussaint"

Connie Ann Kirk (Writer)
"Driving the Narrative: The Auto-Biographies of Mario Andretti and Jackie Stewart"

Duncan R. Jamieson (Ashland University)
"The Metal Cowboy"


Panel II: Media Matters

Chair: Angie Abdou (College of the Rockies)

Kyle Belanger (Springfield College)
"First she works the locker room, then she dances with interpretation: Michelle Seaton's hierarchical dissection"

Scott Peterson (Wright State University)
"Uses of Actuality: A Comparison of 2004 ALCS Fiction & Journalism"

Lorin Shellenberger (Virginia Tech)
"Aesthetics and Athletics: Staring at Difference in ESPN the Magazine's 'Bodies We Want'"

LUNCH: 12:00pm-1:30pm

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1:30 - 2:45pm

Panel III: Nonfiction I

Chair, Mark Noe (Pennsylvania College of Technology)

Derek Paar (Springfield College)
"Four Thousand Greyhounds and Jackie the Leprechaun: Meditations on Love and Cruelty"

David Kilpatrick (Mercy College)
"The Rebirth of the Cosmos: Myth, Memory and the Mimetic Impulse in Sport"

Hugo Dos Santos (Hillel Yeshiva High School)
"Varsity Letters, Senioritis, and Graduation: Teaching Sport-Lit to High School Students"


Panel IV: The Wide World of Sports

Chair, Julian Meldon D'Arcy (University of Iceland)

Thomas Bauer (University of Limoges)
"Dominique Braga's literary stride"

Jamie Dopp (University of Victoria)
"Haunted by Bill Spunska: Roy MacGregor's The Last Season"

Carina Staudte (University of Flensburg)
"If Handball were easy it would be called soccer"


BBQ, Erlanger Gardens

Program Chair Jeremy Larance wonders if it was a good idea to have accepted that one


Poetry Session I

Martín Espada (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)

Don Johnson (East Tennessee State University)

Matthew Nickel (SUNY-New Paltz)

H. R. Stoneback (SUNY-New Paltz)

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THURSDAY 27 June 2013


Panel V: Drama

Chair: Dennis Gildea (Springfield College)

Dianne Berg (Tufts University)
"Speaking Poniards: the Rhetoric of Renaissance Swordplay in Shakespeare's Early Plays"

Hannah Tichansky (Monmouth University)
"Game Cancelled: Hope, Hardship & Sports Ethos in August Wilson's Two Trains Running"

Michele Schiavone (Marshall University)
"Boxers as Fictional Characters: Jack Johnson and Stanley Ketchel"

10:30 - 11:45am

Creative Session

Chair: Duncan R. Jamieson (Ashland University)

Manel & Dick McGehee in West Long Branch

Richard McGehee (The University of Texas)
"Miracle in Parque Chas: Inés Fernández Moreno's Milagro en Parque Chas"

Shelly Sanders (Abilene Christian University) & Scott Peterson (Wright State University)
From That Was Everything

Bruce Pratt (The University of Maine)
Memories of Paradise

LUNCH 11:45am - 1:00pm


Panel VI: The Man, The Myth … the Legend

Chair: Michele Schiavone (Marshall University)

Carolyn Fortuna (Rhode Island College)
"Shifts in Perspective: Archetypal Horseracing in Hemingway, Smiley, and Gordon"

Matthew Nickel (SUNY-New Paltz)
"Tracking, Hunting, and Religion: Ernest Hemingway & Under Kilimanjaro"

H. R. Stoneback (SUNY-New Paltz)
"Hunting with Hemingway: The View from Torcello"


Panel VII: Baseball-Déjà-Vu All Over Again

Chair: Scott Peterson (Wright State University)y

Kenneth Sammond (Farleigh Dickinson University)
"The Dodgers as Evolving Literary Motif in Imagining 1950s Brooklyn"

Will Bishop (University of Kansas)
"'Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?': The New York Yankees and the 1960s Cultural Transition in Jim Bouton's Ball Four"

Adi Angel (Ball State University)
"'I Used to Have a Mock-Up of a Ball Park, but it Only Got in the Way': Examining the Fetishization of Knowledge and the Spectacle in Robert Coover's The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop."


Poetry Session II

Chair, Don Johnson (East Tennessee State University)

Linda Kittle (Washington State University)

Philip Raisor (Old Dominion University)

Ron Smith (St. Christopher's School)


Bus Leaves for Blue Claws Game

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FRIDAY 28 June 2013


Panel VIII: Nonfiction II

Chair: Jeremy Larance (West Liberty University)

Addie Beth Denton (Writer)
From 108 Stitches: A Girl Grows up With Baseball

Kathleen Sullivan Stephens (The University of Texas at Arlington)
"Welcome to Our World, White Boy" from Our White Boy

Stephen Hanley (Writer)
"Sport in Siena"


Panel IX: [American] Football

Chair: Shelly Sanders (Abilene Christian University)

Dennis Gildea (Springfield College)
"Soft Music, Poetry, and Clair Bee's 1940 LIU Football Team"

Julian Meldon D'Arcy (University of Iceland)
"Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Bloody Monday, and the Origins of Football Fiction"

Jason Zerbe (University of Mississippi)
"'all that just for playing a game': Professionalization and Progress on William Faulkner's Gridiron"



Keynote Speaker, Dr. Joseph Dorinson (Long Island University)

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SATURDAY 29 June 2013


Panel X: The Great Outdoors, Eh?

Chair: Kyle Belanger (Springfield College)

Angie Abdou (The College of the Rockies)
"'Air this thin turns anyone into a mystic': Extreme Sport as Metaphor for Political Disengagement in Steven Heighton's Every Lost Country"

Fred Mason (University of New Brunswick)
"Running there and back again: Assessing early ultrarunning memoirs"

Cory Willard (University of Waterloo)
"Fly Fishing as Environmentalism: Making the Case for Fly Fishing Film


Panel XI: Film

Chair: Joyce Duncan (East Tennessee State University, Editor in Chief of Aethlon)

Christopher Fahy (Boston University)
"No Big Game?: Theme and Variation in the Baseball Film Genre"

Amanda Kehrberg (The University of Oklahoma)
Winner of the 2013 Lyle Olsen Graduate Student Essay Contest
"And the Crowd Goes Wild: Musical Syntax and the Spectacle of Masculinity in Contemporary Sports Films"

11:20am - 1pm

Lunch / Business Meeting


Panel XII: Boxing

Chair, Tim Morris (University of Texas at Arlington)

James R. Holzmeister (Auburn University)
"Sports Literature as Vehicle for Social Change: A Study of Professional Boxing, Boxing Novels, and Class Antagonism in Late Victorian England"

Lacey Worth (University of Iowa)
"Putting Play to Work: Game and Empire in Richard Harding Davis's Soldiers of Fortune"

Piece of cake, right? Bruce Pratt encourages 2014 conference organizers Angie Abdou and Jamie Dopp


Panel XIII: Cricket

Chair, Frank Fury (Monmouth State University)

Jeremy Larance (West Liberty University)

"From Dingley Dell to Gad's Hill: Charles Dickens and the Fictionalization of Nineteenth-Century Cricket"

Jeffrey R. Villines (University of Virginia)
"The Twenty-Two Yard State: Cricket as a Nation in Joseph O'Neill's Netherland"

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