Guide to Baseball Films: The 2010s

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Extremely straightforward biopic, the cinematic equivalent of a belt-high changeup. But it's nice-looking and has some appealing performances (Chadwick Boseman as Robinson, Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey).

Quirky, low-key indie film with excellent performances, particularly by Trevor Morgan and Rory Culkin as the brothers. There is no magic in the film, but it's not quite realistic either; the atmosphere is heightened and distorted, indeed in much the way that stories about one's adolescence become in memory.

Splendidly acted adaptation of the Broadway revival of August Wilson's play, starring Washington and Academy Award winner Viola Davis.

The baseball in this picture is mere backdrop, and not very believably presented (in midsummer, ballplayers appear to have endless free time to socialize). But the title phrase is spoken by Owen Wilson in a major-league bullpen, prompting a nicely-delivered laugh line by Domenick Lombardozzi.

Basically a team-of-misfits movie, but an unsentimental one. An unusual picture for any genre, finding a dramatic arc in Michael Lewis's bestseller for the business-savvy. None of the action really rings true, but it's internally consistent, and consistently interesting.

Weak baseball vehicle for Clint Eastwood; in some ways a rejoinder to Moneyball but not a very telling one.