Guide to Juvenile Baseball Books: N

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A pleasant story, showing the strong assimilating power of sport. For another change on this theme, see Cretan's All Except Sammy.

Sequel to The Legend of Mickey Tussler; with Sophomore Campaign, the Tussler saga is now rebranded as Young Adult fiction.

Mixes a tightly-woven plot with fine verisimilar observations of small-town Eastern life.

One of a series where the Hatford brothers engage the Malloy sisters in the mildest of neighborly feuds. There is plenty of baseball action, though it becomes subordinate to subplots about a class play and a garage sale with a hidden secret.

Inspired by a true story of a young cancer patient befriended by Yankee second baseman Robinson Cano, this picture book elaborates young "Michael Steel"'s tale and gives it a magical connection to the story of Lou Gehrig.

There's no text at all (except for captions of the days of the week) in this subtle, stylish picture book.

Extras include background information on the song and a bonus CD.