Guide to Baseball Short Stories: A

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A touch melodramatic, but conveys the sinking feeling of lost childhood treasures and relationships quite well.

Develops an intriguing, unsettling plot but then wraps up rather too quickly.

The memories are of friendship, playground pecking orders, lust, and Strat-O-Matic. A prose piece that forms the center of a poetry collection.

This one would figure to have some satire of American imperialism buried somewhere in its dreadful prose and stick-figure characters, but maybe it doesn't . . .

Pleasant little story (despite lower-tier pulp conventions that allow mild profanity and the suggestion of premarital sex). The unseen owner turns out to be a little old lady delighted to make fan Joe Frost's dream come true and to justify his girlfriend Addie Miller's faith in him.

Energetic, good-humored short story. For more fictional views of Castro on the mound, see Shepard, Wendel.