Guide to Baseball Short Stories: H

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Told with appropriate steely manliness.

An interesting story, combining wish-fulfillment, metafiction, and archetype.

Strongly-worked central psychological idea.

Overwritten anecdote.

A twist ending reveals the theme of the story, that merit will out and will be recognized.

Interesting study in the production of Dodger nostalgia even when the team was still in Brooklyn, this story is a sharp description of some fans' desires for an experience of sport that integrates leisure and community.

Claustrophobic, nightmarish story of a man unable to cope in the city; the ballplayers are ambiguous, representing both menace and the spirit of play.

Routine vignette.

As soon as "Crabby" Mallory is felled, his charges rename him "Spike" and go on to win the World Series.

This story knows how silly it is, and delivers its humor snappily. Years later, in the Bronx, life would imitate short story.

Low-keyed and believably sentimental. This story doesn't have all that much to do with baseball except as metonym for the security of summertime family experience.

Offbeat but rings true in its details.

Short fiction with an epic stretch.

A gender-role-reversal story where the woman's success is both freakish and gladly abandoned.

Hybrid of the eldritch-kid motif and the old-timer's-last-hurrah story.