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academic and personal thoughts on detective-inspector novels

jussi adler-olsen

the carl mørck series

kvinden i buret (2007)
fasandræberne (2008)
flaskepost fra p (2009)
journal 64 (2010)
marco effekten (2012)
den grænseløse (2014)
selfies (2016)

Inspector Carl Mørck has been consigned to the basement and a useless file of cold cases. For a team he acquires a mysterious janitor whose name cannot really be "Hafez el-Assad," and a secretary with a split personality. Yet his investigations lead him in the most bizarre and highest-profile directions possible.


mercy [the keeper of lost causes] (lisa hartford, 2011)
disgrace [the absent one] (k.e. semmel, 2012)
redemption [a conspiracy of faith] (martin aitken, 2013)
guilt [the purity of vengeance] (martin aitken, 2013)
buried [the marco effect] (martin aitken, 2014)
the hanging girl (william frost, 2015)
the scarred woman (william frost, 2017)

miséricorde (monique christiansen, 2011)
profanation (caroline berg, 2012)
délivrance (caroline berg, 2013)
dossier 64 (caroline berg, 2013)
l'effet papillon (caroline berg, 2015)
promesse (caroline berg, 2016)
selfies (caroline berg, 2017)

erbarmen (hannes thiess, 2009)
schändung (hannes thiess, 2010)
erlösung (hannes thiess, 2011)
verachtung (hannes thiess, 2012)
erwartung (hannes thiess, 2013)
verheißung (hannes thiess, 2015)
selfies (hannes thiess, 2017)

konan in búrinu (hilmar hilmarsson, 2011)
veiðimennirnir (hilmar hilmarsson, 2012)
flöskuskeyti frá p (jón st. kristjánsson, 2012)
skýrsla 64 (jón st. kristjánsson, 2013)
marco-áhrifin (jón st. kristjánsson, 2014)
stúlkan í trénu (jón st. kristjánsson, 2015)

la donna in gabbia (maria valeria d'avino, 2011)
battuta di caccia (maria valeria d'avino, 2012)
il messaggio nella bottiglia (maria valeria d'avino, 2013)
paziente 64 (maria valeria d'avino, 2014)
l'effeto farfalla (maria valeria d'avino, 2015)
la promessa (maria valeria d'avino, 2016)

kobieta w klatce (joanna cymbrykiewicz, 2011)
zabójcy bazantów (joanna cymbrykiewicz, 2011)
wybawienie (joanna cymbrykiewicz, 2014)

la mujer que arañaba las paredes (juan mari mendizabal, 2010)
los chicos que cayeron en la trampa (nicolás de miguel, 2011)
el mensaje que llegó en una botella (juan mari mendizabal, 2011)
expediente 64 (juan mari mendizabal, 2013)
el efecto marcus (juan mari mendizabal, 2015)
sin límites (juan mari mendizabal, 2016)

kvinnan i rummet (leif jacobsen, 2011)
fasanjägarna (leif jacobsen, 2011)
flaskpost från p (leif jacobsen, 2011)
journal 64 (leif jacobsen, 2012)
marcoeffekten (leif jacobsen, 2013)
den gränslöse (leif jacobsen, 2015)

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