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academic and personal thoughts on detective-inspector novels

luiz alfredo garcia-roza

the espinosa series

o silêncio da chuva (1996)
achados e perdidos (1998)
vento sudoeste (1999)
uma janela em copacabana (2001)
perseguido (2003)
espinosa sem saída (2006)
na multidão (2007)
céu de origamis (2009)
fantasma (2012)
um lugar perigoso (2014)

Chief Inspector Espinosa is a "detective-philosopher," as one character dubs him (Blackout, 95). He is a reader, an associative thinker rather than a deducer; he plays hunches and works angles based on his sense for human nature. On the face of it, he does not seem like someone who would play well inside the police bureaucracy:

Eccentric, off-key, in relation to the police. But nobody spends twenty years in one institution, occupying important positions, and remains eccentric, out of line with the same institution. Unless, of course, he's an idiot. (Blackout, 93


the silence of the rain (benjamin moser, 2002)
december heat (benjamin moser, 2003)
southwesterly wind (benjamin moser, 2004)
a window in copacabana (benjamin moser, 2005)
pursuit (benjamin moser, 2006)
blackout (benjamin moser, 2008)
alone in the crowd (benjamin moser, 2009)

le silence de la pluie (valérie lermite & eliana machado, 2004)
objets trouvés (valérie lermite & eliana machado, 2005)
une fenêtre à copacabana (valérie lermite & eliana machado meugé, 2008)
l'étrange cas du dr nesse (sébastien roy, 2010)
nuit d'orage à copacabana (sébastien roy, 2015)

das schweigen des regens (karin von schweder-schreiner, 2003)
die tote von ipanema (karin von schweder-schreiner, 2003)
südwestwind (karin von schweder-schreiner, 2004)
ein fenster in copacabana (nicolai von schweder-schreiner, 2005)

il silencio della pioggia (adelina aletti, 2002)
il teorema di rio (adelina aletti, 2001)

el silencio de la lluvia (rita da costa, 2001)
viento del sudoeste (rita da costa, 2002)

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