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zygmunt miłoszewski

the teodor szacki series

uwikłanie (2007)
ziarno prawdy (2011)
gniew (2014)

Teodor Szacki is not technically a policeman but a state prosecutor; however, in the Polish system as Zygmunt Miłoszewski represents it, Szacki fills many of the same roles that detective-inspectors play in other crime series. (Plus, Szacki has "very often been accused of behaving more like a CID officer than a prosecutor during his investigations" – Rage, 197.) Szacki takes the lead in a murder investigation in three novels, each set in a different Polish city.


entanglement (antonia lloyd-jones, 2010)
a grain of truth (antonia lloyd-jones, 2012)
rage (antonia lloyd-jones, 2016)

les impliqués (kamil barbarski, 2013)
un fond de vérité (kamil barbarski, 2014)
la rage (kamil barbarski, 2016)

warschauer verstrickungen (friedrich griese, 2015)
ein körnchen wahrheit (barbara samborska, 2016)

el caso telak (francisco javiervillaverde gonzález, 2015)
la mitad de la verdad (francisco javiervillaverde gonzález, 2016)

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