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stats: body count

Body count is harder to determine than one might think. I've inevitably miscounted, especially in some of the bloodier novels listed here. There's also the problem of what bodies count. If a killer is revealed to have committed scads of serial murders before the plot proper of a novel opens, do they go into the body count? I think not, but others might disagree, and sometimes it's hard to ignore a really salient "pre-plot" murder, especially if it's recounted in flashback. And then, if mistakes are made in the denouement and additional folks end up on slabs, are they part of the murder count proper, or just collateral damage in the course of the investigation? Of such worries does the life of a bibliographer consist. But at least the rough counts below give a sense of the range of mayhem in the detective-inspector genre.

offer utan ansikte (ahnhem)

glemte piger, de (blædel)

svinehunde (hammer & hammer)

alex (lemaitre)
travail soigné (lemaitre)

alting har sin pris (hammer & hammer)
tusenskönor (ohlsson)

achados e perdidos (garcia-roza)
monsieur lecoq (gaboriau)
nychterino deltio (markaris)
richter und sein henker, der (dürrenmatt)

askungar (ohlsson)
återkomsten (nesser)
den du inte ser (jungstedt)
éros et thalasso (pelletier)
snjóblinda (ragnar)

dark winter, the (mark)
ziarno prawdy (miłoszewski)

blumen für polt (komarek)
city and the city, the (miéville)
den som elsker noe annet (fossum)
espinosa sem saída (garcia-roza)
evas øye (fossum)
flateyjargáta (viktor arnar)
girl in the ice, the (bryndza)
gniew (miłoszewski)
kingdom come (jensen)
når det mørkner (horst)
sinister pig, the (hillerman)

altro capo del filo, l' (camilleri)
pista nera (manzini)
polt muß weinen (komarek)
rete di protezione, la (camilleri)
roseanna (sjöwall and wahlöö)
tundra kill (jones)
uwikłanie (miłoszewski)

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