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academic and personal thoughts on detective-inspector novels

stats: narrative type

Assume that the detective-inspector novels catalogued here are omniscient narratives. Almost all of them are, ranging more or less freely from the perspective of detectives to victims to witnesses (especially people who find dead bodies), and often to criminals too.

The deep but narrow exceptions are a few series that limit perspectives all but exclusively to the central detective-inspector him- or herself. These include Georges Simenon's Maigret novels and Andrea Camilleri's Montalbano novels. A few other exceptions are listed below.

city and the city, the (miéville)
kingdom come (jensen) nychterino deltio (markaris)

travail soigné (lemaitre)

third-person restricted
når det mørkner (horst)
pista nera (manzini)
polt muß weinen (komarek)
tundra kill (jones)

third-person restricted, just two reflectors
éros et thalasso (pelletier)
glemte piger, de (blædel)
uwikłanie (miłoszewski)

third-person restricted, miscellaneous exceptions
dark winter, the (mark)

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