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2384 Simple Sentences

Five Canonical Declarative Sentence Types

Intransitive S-V (cannot be made passive): The dog barks.
The cats jump.
The cat lies on the mat.
The dog swims across the stream.
The cat ate slowly.
The dog ate too fast.

Transitive S-V-DO: The dog chewed the bone.
Whisper caught a bird.
He chased his tail.
The dog chases the cat.
The cat chases the dog.
He called her.
She called him.

As passives S-V-A: The bone was chewed by the dog.
The bird was caught by Whisper.
His tail was chased by him.
The dog is chased by the cat.
The cat is chased by the dog.
She was called by him.
He was called by her.

Ditransitive S-V-IO-DO: I gave my dog a bone.
Bill gave Whisper a treat.
Carol shot Whisper a glance.
We cut Whisper some slack.
As passives:
A bone was given to my dog by me, etc.

Subject-Complement S-LV-SC (cannot be made passive): My cat is black.
Ginger is a red setter.
Dogs are friendly.
Cats can be hard to train.
Whisper seems sleepy.
Ginger looks sick.
She sounds happy.
Whisper just turned five.

Object-Complement S-V-DO-OC: The Cat Club voted Whisper Best Cat.
I made Cat Antics my homepage.
Eisenhower appointed Patton a three-star general.
As passives:
Whisper was voted Best Cat by the Cat Club, etc.