Specifications for Website Project Submissions

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My own Emily Dickinson site will be the basic model for your individual site projects. Each site must include:

  1. A brief biography of the poet, giving dates of birth and death (if dead), education, residence (where significant), major life events.
  2. A capsule primary bibliography of major publications by the poet.
  3. A ten-item secondary bibliography of recent and major commentary on the poet's work (this can include reviews).
  4. A brief critical paragraph giving your appraisal of the poet's work.
  5. A brief excerpt from the poet's work, where that work is in public domain or where you have obtained express permission to reproduce it.
  6. Links to everything you can find on the World Wide Web that is of relevance to the items listed above.
  7. Visuals are not required but are welcome; again, make sure you have express permission from the owner to reproduce any copyrighted material.


This material must be submitted to me, at least a week in advance of your presentation date (see below), on a floppy disk (either MAC or IBM format is OK). The material should take the form of several HTML files, plus JPEG or GIF files if you are using visuals, backgrounds, or other graphics. Do not name any of your files index.html. There is no need to set up a folder or folders for your files; all of your material will be placed in a single directory on the course web site, which you will have to yourself. Therefore, you can link internally among your files simply by linking to a relative filename: e.g. to link from poems.html to bio.html use only "bio.html" as the link address.

  1. Edward Taylor (Mario Ezeh) Mon 5 Apr
  2. Phillis Wheatley (Michelle Brockington) Mon 5 Apr
  3. Ralph Waldo Emerson (Christie Bonham) Wed 7 Apr
  4. Edgar Allan Poe (Andrea Sandoval) Wed 7 Apr
  5. Walt Whitman (Geraldina Cobos) Mon 12 Apr
  6. Stephen Crane (Corinne Aldert) Mon 12 Apr
  7. Robert Frost (Alex King) Wed 14 Apr
  8. William Carlos Williams (Rebecca Johnson) Wed 14 Apr
  9. Marianne Moore (Lauren Jerram) Fri 16 Apr
  10. Langston Hughes (Amy Wethington) Fri 16 Apr
  11. Claude McKay (Sharon Greene) Mon 19 Apr
  12. Elizabeth Bishop (Heather Moore) Mon 19 Apr
  13. Gwendolyn Brooks (Leslie Brown) Wed 21 Apr
  14. Sylvia Plath (Yolanda Stoker) Wed 21 Apr
  15. Anne Sexton (Roy Whitfill) Fri 23 Apr
  16. Allen Ginsberg (Michelle Heath) Fri 23 Apr
  17. Lorna Dee Cervantes (Dominique Gonzales) Mon 26 Apr
  18. Audre Lorde (Dawn Bien) Mon 26 Apr
  19. Maya Angelou (Margaret Dreadin) Wed 28 Apr
  20. Ai (Rory McDonough) Wed 28 Apr
  21. Rita Dove (Reagan Lister) Fri 30 Apr
  22. Simon Ortiz (Margot Smith) Fri 30 Apr