ENGL 3347-001 Asian-American Literature Spring 2008

Course Wiki / Knowledge Base Assignment

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Your major course project this semester will be a set of contributions to a wiki that will then serve as a knowledge base for the final exam.

Wikis are collaborative projects. They depend on constant correction, elaboration, and refinement from the group at work on them. Ideally, they move constantly to absorb new knowledge, though ours will close somewhat arbitrarily on 30 April 2008, so that I can evaluate your contributions and you can read the "finished" project as a basis for exam preparation.

Each student will be assigned two texts: one adult text and one juvenile text. Each student will give a class presentation on each of those texts, the first in late March/early April, the second in mid-April. Each class presentation will consist of a description of the plot and important literary qualities of the text, some information on the author's career, some indication of how critics and reviewers have assessed the text, and some connections between that texts and others that we've read or heard presentations on. You may, and probably should, use the course wiki to supplement your presentation with visuals. Nothing prevents you from using print handouts, PowerPoint, or the good old blackboard, but nothing requires you to use any of those media, either.

Your wiki contributions will take the form of four pages: one on your adult author, one on your juvenile author, one on your adult text, and one on your juvenile text.

Each author page will include a biography, a bibliography of major works, useful external links, and references (in MLA style) for all works consulted.

Each text page will include a brief description of the text's nature, a plot summary, a synopsis of critical interpretation of the text, and references.

Some Wiki Principles

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