History, Culture, Backgrounds

3352:001 Fall 2001

Tim Morris

The following general links are offered as a sampling of good Internet resources on British and Irish history & culture 1798-2001. Not to be read or studied in any particular order, they are here as a backup resource and a generator of "further reading."


Guide to British coinage: an excellent schematic presentation

Read about the British monarchy on their official website

See more on the monarchy at Britannia.com -- if you can see past the annoying pop-up ads

Brief essay on social class from the Victorian Web . . .

. . . and the Victorian Web take on the Church of England . . .

and on British religious matters in general.

An interesting British Empire site; the sun never sets here, but there's lots of good information

This Britannia.com timeline goes up to 1901

The BBC has an interesting timeline site

Maps on the Web lag behind text and other kinds of graphics, but:

Multimap is a good site for quick location of British placenames

This 1892 map of British Isles industries is significant

And this is a nice gateway to Irish maps

There are many Irish history sites; the best resides right here in Texas