Morris's ENGL 3352:002

ENGL 3352:002 History of British Literature II

Fall 1996

Tim Morris

office hours by appointment only

Required Texts:

Abrams et al., eds. The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Sixth Edition, Volume 2;

Dickens, A Christmas Carol (Signet); Ngugi, Matigari (Heinemann); Winterson, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit (Atlantic Monthly Press)


is required and roll will be taken. If you miss more than two meetings of any type you will fail the course.

The Course has two goals:

to ensure that you make an overall study of British literature from 1798 to 1996, and know the general outlines of that literary history; and to offer more intensive study of important texts from that period.

Your Grade

will be based on two components: short-paper and final exam. Ten short papers are due on the Tuesdays indicated. They must range from 2 to 4 pages in length, must be typed, and must make a critical commentary on some aspect of the work under study. As long as they do that, they will receive a grade of Y. Late or missing papers, papers that merely offer plot summary, papers that are irrelevant to the readings, or papers that are untyped will receive a grade of N. The short-paper grade component will be determined as follows:
	10 Ys = B
	9 Ys = C
	8 Ys = D
	7 Ys = E
	6 Ys or fewer = failure of the course

The final exam

is optional; there is no penalty for not taking it. It will consist of 100 short-answer questions. The questions will be drawn from lecture material and from any of the information in the assigned Norton Anthology (headnotes, prefaces, footnotes, or texts). The exam is meant to be a gauge of your general knowledge of British literature 1798-1996; the best way to prepare for it is to study the Anthology. If you pass the exam your course grade will be one letter higher than your short-paper grade; if you fail the exam, your short-paper grade will be your course grade. Since the exam is not standardized, I cant say beforehand what the passing score will be; I will determine the passing score when I read the finals. A grade of 60 correct answers or above will pass, however; I simply reserve the right to set a lower passing grade.

The final drop date

is Friday 15 November; I will always drop anyone with a W on or before that date but I will never drop anyone of my own accord for any reason unless that student never attends class even once.

Schedule: 3352:002 Fall 96

Tues 27 Aug: introductions and syllabus
Thurs 29 Aug: What You Missed If You Didn't Take 3351: British Literary History To 1798
Tues 3 Sept: British History 1798-1996
Thurs 5 Sept: Lecture: Wordsworth
Tues 10 Sept: Paper #1 due: Wordsworth, "Tintern Abbey" (136); "She dwelt among the untrodden ways" (153); "A slumber did my spirit seal" (155)
Thurs 12 Sept: Lecture: Keats
Tues 17 Sept: paper #2 due: Keats, "Ode to a Nightingale" (790); "To Autumn" (813)
Thurs 10 Sept: Lecture: Dickens
Tues 24 Sept: Paper #3 due: Dickens: A Christmas Carol in Prose
Thurs 26 Sept: Lecture: Rossetti
Tues 1 Oct: Paper #4 due: Rossetti, "Song" (1474); "Goblin Market" (1479)
Thurs 3 Oct: Lecture: Wilde
Tues 8 Oct: Paper #5 due: Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest (1628)
Thurs 10 Oct: Lecture: Irish History
Tues 15 Oct: Lecture: Irish Literature 1798-1996
Thurs 17 Oct: Lecture: Joyce
Tues 22 Oct: Paper #6 due: Joyce, "The Dead" (2008)
Thurs 24 Oct: Lecture: Woolf
Tues 29 Oct: Paper #7 due: Woolf, A Room of One's Own (1926)
Thurs 31 Oct: Lecture, Yeats
Tues 5 Nov: Election Day. No Class Meeting
Thurs 7 Nov: Lecture: Colonial and Postcolonial Literature in English 1798-1996
Tues 12 Nov: Paper #8 due: Yeats, "Among School Children" (1885); "Lapis Lazuli" (1891)
Thurs 14 Nov: Lecture: Ngugi
Tues 19 Nov: Paper #9 due: Ngugi, Matigari
Thurs 21 Nov: Contemporary British Literature
Tues 26 Nov: Lecture: Winterson
Thurs 28 Nov: Thanksgiving Holiday
Tues 3 Dec: Paper #10 due: Winterson, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
Thurs 5 Dec: Final Meeting. Course Evaluations.

Final Exam on Final Exam Date.