Homework #8

American Dialects

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Due Wed 13 January

For this assignment, watch one feature film that represents an American dialect region. The dialect area may be New York (He Got Game), Minnesota (Fargo), the San Fernando Valley (Clueless)--or really, anywhere you like, depending on the availability of films and your own tastes and interests.

 Make notes as you watch this film (several times is best) on features of the dialect that distinguish it from what we might call "radio standard." These features may be phonetic--in which case, describe them as fully as possible in phonetic transcriptions--or they may be in terms of vocabulary or idiom.

Write a 2-3 page report on the construction of the dialect in the film. Try to include at least five clearly defined, distinct dialect markers. Make your impressions as concrete as possible; don't give vague information.

Remember that you are noting a fictional/ cinematic technique, not gathering actual informant data from a dialect region.