The Profession of English Studies Tim Morris

ENGL 5302 203 Carlisle

Spring 1996 Mon 3-5


REQUIRED TEXTS: Michael Bérubé, Public Access (Verso), David R. Shumway, Creating American Civilization (Minnesota), and various handouts and course packet items.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendance is required. You may, however, miss one meeting without penalty. If you miss a second meeting you will fail the course.

GRADING AND REQUIREMENTS: One book review (five pages maximum). The review will be graded A, B, C, D or F; but the review grade is diagnostic only and has no effect on your final grade. One professional paper (20-25 pages) due 6 May plus a seminar report on that paper, to be graded A, B, C, D or F. The professional paper grade will be your final grade.

DROP POLICY: The drop date is 8 March. Even at that point (and any time before) I will drop you with a W if you request it. I will never drop anyone at any time for any reason simply of my own accord, unless they never attend class even once.



22 Jan: introductions and syllabus

29 Jan: The Theory Wars in Theory Readings: Bérubé, "Discipline and Theory," "Winning Hearts and Minds"

5 Feb: What is Cultural Studies and Why Is Everyone So Worried About It Readings: Bérubé, "Pop Goes the Academy," "Paranoia in a Vacuum"

12 Feb: Creating American Civ II: Multiculturalism Readings: Bérubé, "Disuniting America Again"; Kolodny, "A Map for Rereading"; Shumway, Epilogue

19 Feb: The Theory Wars in Practice One Book from the List, book review due.

26 Feb: Reception Theory: "Il n’y a plus des hors d’œuvres" Readings: Jauss, "Literary History as Challenge to Literary Theory," Tompkins, "Masterpiece Theater"

4 March: Keeping Old Books Dry: The Library as Repository and as System of Knowledge. Readings: Tanselle, "Libraries, Museums, and Reading"; Baker, "Discards"

11 March: How to Use Your Local Library

18 March: Spring Break

25 March: Verba Volant/Scripta Manent: The Text Reading: Greetham, "Textual Scholarship"; &c. [Textual Forensics]

1 April: Disciplining the Profession: What We Do and Why Reading: Melville, Moby-Dick, Gibbon, The Decline and Fall Off the Russian Empire, Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples, Kant, Prolegomenon to All Future Metaphysics. Ha-ha-ha-ha ROFL. <Discipline re-established.> Reading: Shumway, Chapters 3 and 4.

8 April: Creating American Civ I: The American Renaissance Readings: Bérubé, "It’s Renaissance Time"; Shumway, Chapter 7

15, 22, 29 April: Seminar Meetings

6 May: Professional papers due, to avoid "X" grade. All papers turned in after 6 May will receive grade of X, to be changed when work is complete (must be before Midsemester Fall 96).