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hahn, cynthia: the reliquary effect
hamel, debra: the battle of arginusae
hamill, pete: why sinatra matters
hamilton, james: volcano
hannickel, erica: empire of vines
harbach, chad: the art of fielding
harbison, robert: ruins and fragments
harland, gail: snowdrop
hart, gary: james monroe
hart, stephen m.: gabriel garcía márquez
hawkins, gay: the ethics of waste
headrick, paul: that tune clutches my heart
heinrich, bernd: why we run
helstosky, carol: pizza
henkes, kevin: olive's ocean
henry, marguerite: king of the wind
herlihy, patricia: vodka
herriman, george: krazy & ignatz 1916-1918
heuman, william: horace higby & the scientific pitch
heyliger, william: the big leaguer
hiaasen, carl: hoot
higgins, george v.: the friends of eddie coyle
higman, b.w.: flatness
hill, russell: the dog sox
hill, russell: the lord god bird
hillenbrand, laura: unbroken
hinson, joy: goat
hinton, s.e.: the outsiders
hoffer, williamjames hull: the caning of charles sumner
hogeland, william: the whiskey rebellion
holberg, ludvig: erasmus montanus
holberg, ludvig: jeppe of the hill
holberg, ludvig: niels klim's journey under the ground
holberg, ludvig: the political tinker
hollandsworth, skip: the midnight assassin
holm, jennifer l.: penny from heaven
holm, jennifer l.: turtle in paradise
holt, michael f.: franklin pierce
homer, iliad
homer, odyssey
hone, david: the tyrannosaur chronicles
horowitz, alexandra: inside of a dog
horst, jørn lier: when it grows dark
howard, vicki: from main street to mall
howard & robillard: pluralizing plagiarism
hudson, brian j.: waterfall
hugo, victor: les misérables
hugo, victor: les travailleurs de la mer
humble, nicola: cake
hunt, irene: up a road slowly
hunwick, heather delancey: doughnut
huston, charlie: caught stealing
hyman, clarissa: oranges