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kadare, ismail: the palace of dreams
kadare, ismail: the successor
kadare, ismail: twilight of the eastern gods
kadohata, cynthia: kira-kira
kanfer, stefan: tough without a gun
kaplan, ron: 501 baseball books fans must read before they die
karabell, zachary: chester alan arthur
kashatus, william c.: money pitcher
kashatus, william c.: september swoon
kazin, michael: a godly hero
kean, sam: the disappearing spoon
keating, h.r.f.: inspector ghote's first case
keller, tsipi: jackpot
kelton, elmer: ranger's trail
kenneally, christine: the first word
kennedy, randall: the persistence of the color line
kettenbach, hans werner: black ice
kight, caitlin r.: flamingo
king, richard j.: lobster
king, stephen: blockade billy
kingsley, sidney: detective story
kirk & pemberton: leech
kirkman, robert: march to war
kirkpatrick, rob: cecil travis
knell, simon j.: the great fossil enigma
koeppel, dan: banana
koertge, ron: shakespeare bats cleanup
konigsburg, e.l.: from the mixed-up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler
korda, michael: hero
kosar, kevin r.: whiskey
kraig, bruce: hot dog
krauss, nicole: the history of love
krisak, len: ovid's erotic poems
kroonenberg, salomon: why hell stinks of sulfur
krumgold, joseph: onion john
kunzru, hari: transmission
kurkov, andrey: death and the penguin