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mcbain, ed: cop hater
mcbain, ed: give the boys a great big hand
mcbain, ed: the heckler
mccullers, carson: the heart is a lonely hunter
mcdonagh & pappano: playing with the boys
macdonald, helen: falcon
macdonald, ross: the barbarous coast
macdonald, ross: the galton case
macdonald, ross: the way some people die
macdonald, ross: the zebra-striped hearse
mcewan, ian: on chesil beach
mcewan, ian: solar
mcgovern, george: abraham lincoln
mckibben, bill: deep economy
maclachlan, patricia: sarah, plain and tall
mcmurtry, larry: folly and glory
madden, dave: the authentic animal
mafi, tahereh: shatter me
manaster, jane: pecans
mandelbaum, allen: inferno
mandelbaum, allen: purgatorio
mankell, henning: before the frost
mankell, henning: the troubled man
mankell, henning: wallander's first case
maraniss, david: clemente
marcosson, samuel a.: original sin
marklund, liza: red wolf
martin, charles: metamorphoses
martin, stephen: penguin
marton, renee: rice
marvin, garry: wolf
mather, et al.: octopus
mathews, jennifer: chicle
maugham, w. somerset: the razor's edge
maxwell, william: the heavenly tenants
may, gary: john tyler
mayor, archer: red herring
meacham, jon: american lion
melville, herman: moby dick
meyer, michael: the year that changed the world
michaelis, david: schulz and peanuts
michalski, kataryna & sergiusz: spider
miéville, china: the city & the city
miéville, china: perdido street station
miller, kenneth r.: only a theory
millon, marc: wine
mink, nicolaas: salmon
miscamble, wilson: the most controversial decision
mizelle, brett: pig
moll, louise b.: cryptogram-a-day book
moneyhon, carl: edmund j. davis of texas
moore, rowan: why we build
moran, richard: executioner's current
morris, desmond: monkey
morris, desmond: owl
morris, errol: believing is seeing
morris, errol: a wilderness of error
morris, peter: catcher
morris, peter: a game of inches
morris, roy, jr.: fraud of the century
mosher, howard frank: waiting for teddy williams
moss & badenoch: chocolate
mueller, tom: extra virginity
murakami haruki: 1Q84
murakami haruki: colorless tsukuru tazaki
murakami haruki: sputnik sweetheart
murger, henry: scènes de la vie de bohème