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paasilinna, arto: la cavale du géomètre
paasilinna, arto: le fils du dieu de l'orage
paasilinna, arto: la forêt des renards pendus
paasilinna, arto: the howling miller
paasilinna, arto: petits suicides entre amis
paasilinna, arto: prisonniers du paradis
paasilinna, arto: the year of the hare
page & officer: the big one
parker, robert b.: double play
paterson, katherine: the great gilly hopkins
paton, alan: cry, the beloved country
patron, susan: the higher power of lucky
paulsen, gary: dogsong
peiss, kathy: zoot suit
pelecanos, george: the double
pelecanos, george: what it was
perkins, lynne rae: criss cross
peters, charles: lyndon b. johnson
petroski, henry: the road taken
petroski, henry: the toothpick
petto & godfrey: scientists confront
philbrick, nathaniel: the last stand
phillipov, michelle: fats
phillips, kevin: william mckinley
piatti-farnell, lorna: banana
piatti-farnell, lorna: beef
pilkey & pilkey: global climate change
pinker, steven: the stuff of thought
poliquin, rachel: beaver
poliquin, rachel: the breathless zoo
pollan, michael: in defense of food
potts, annie: chicken
preston, claire: bee
preston, john: the dig
prevost, manon lescaut
prior, robin: gallipoli
pronzini, bill: betrayers
pronzini, bill: camouflage
pronzini, bill: fever
pronzini, bill: hellbox
pronzini, bill: nemesis
pronzini, bill: schemers
pronzini, bill: strangers
proust, marcel: à la recherche du temps perdu
prus, bolesław: the doll
pryke, louise m.: scorpion
pullman, philip: clockwork
pullman & fordham: the adventures of john blake
pushkin, alexandr: the queen of spades
quammen, david: spillover
quartey, kwei: children of the street
quinzio, jeri: pudding