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alpert, the birthday party
bartlett, the man who loved books too much
bartov, anatomy of a genocide
blum, the poisoner's handbook
bonner, anatomy of injustice
bruno, the iceman
bugliosi, reclaiming history
burns, the central park five
carpenter, the miss stone affair
carrère, l'adversaire
coignard, une femme disparait
estabrook, tomatoland
farmer, the ground truth
gamber, the notorious mrs. clem
gardner, to hell on a fast horse
gourevitch & morris, standard operating procedure
graeber, the good nurse
grisham, the innocent man
guinn, go down together
guinn, manson
guinn, the road to jonestown
hoffer, the caning of charles sumner
hollandsworth, the midnight assassin
larson, thunderstruck
moran, executioner's current
morris, a wilderness of error
nairne, art theft and the case of the stolen turners
nickel, torso
orlean, the library book
riess, the sport of kings and the kings of crime
sanders, while the city slept
schechter, the devil's gentleman
shteir, the steal
starr, the killer of little shepherds
stashower, the beautiful cigar girl
sugden, the complete history of jack the ripper
swanson, manhunt
toobin, american heiress
turow, ultimate punishment
vaillant, the golden spruce
wallace, the billionaire's vinegar
westbrook, ex oriente lex
wolfe, the murder of dr. chapman



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adler-olsen, the absent one
adler-olsen, erlösung
adler-olsen, the keeper of lost causes
alvtegen, missing
arnaldur, abgründe
arnaldur, arctic chill
arnaldur, duell
arnaldur, eiseskälte
arnaldur, frevelopfer
arnaldur, hypothermia
arnaldur, menschensöhne
arnaldur, nacht über reykjavík
arnaldur, oblivion
arnaldur, todesrosen
bates, frozen assets
blom, the limits of pain
blom, the moment of truth
bodelsen, think of a number
dahl, misterioso
eriksson, the cruel stars of the night
eriksson, the hand that trembles
eriksson, the princess of burundi
fossum, black seconds
fossum, böser wille
fossum, don't look back
horst, when it grows dark
läckberg, the ice princess
läckberg, the preacher
larsson, bis dein zorn sich legt
larsson, the second deadly sin
larsson, sun storm
larsson, the girl who kicked the hornet's nest
larsson, the girl with the dragon tattoo
mankell, before the frost
mankell, an event in autumn
mankell, the troubled man
mankell, wallander's first case
marklund, red wolf
nesser, the return
nesser, woman with birthmark
söderberg, doctor glas
sjöwall & wahlöö, the abominable man
sjöwall & wahlöö, cop killer
sjöwall & wahlöö, the laughing policeman
sjöwall & wahlöö, the locked room
sjöwall & wahlöö, the man who went up in smoke
sjöwall & wahlöö, murder at the savoy
sjöwall & wahlöö, the terrorists
staalesen, le loup dans la bergerie
staalesen, yours until death
stougaard-nielsen, scandinavian crime fiction
viktor arnar, the flatey enigma
wahlöö, the steel spring
yrsa, last rituals
yrsa, my soul to take


aird, harm's way
airth, the blood-dimmed tide
airth, river of darkness
ashford, murder will out
ashford, the price of failure
atkinson, case histories
banville, the lemur
barton, the widow
bayard, la vérité sur "dix petits nègres"
bruen, ammunition
bruen, calibre
bruen, london boulevard
chase, no orchids for miss blandish
christie, the abc murders
dryden, amboyna
du maurier, jamaica inn
jeffries, mistakenly in mallorca
lovesey, the last detective
lowndes, the lodger
mcewan, nutshell
mcewan, solar
miéville, the city & the city
morrison, martin hewitt, investigator
rankin, hide and seek
rankin, knots and crosses
robinson, gallows view
robinson, a dedicated man


abrams, all the pieces matter
adams, the man who was taller than god
adams, no badge, no gun
adams, a perfectly proper murder
ball, in the heat of the night
brandt, blood trails
bredes, the errand boy
brown, the da vinci code
burke, city of lies
chandler, the big sleep
chandler, the simple art of murder
chang, chinatown beat
chang, year of the dog
coben, caught
coben, don't let go
coben, gone for good
coben, hold tight
coben, the innocent
coben, no second chance
coben, stay close
coben, the stranger
coben, the woods
cohan, csi
connelly, the black box
connelly, the black echo
connelly, blood work
connelly, the brass verdict
connelly, the burning room
connelly, the closers
connelly, a darkness more than night
connelly, the drop
connelly, the gods of guilt
connelly, the lincoln lawyer
connelly, the poet
connelly, the reversal
crumley, the last good kiss
delillo, libra
emerson, the rainy city
fitzsimmons, death on the diamond
gardner, the case of the grinning gorilla
gardner, the d.a. holds a candle
gores, dead skip
gorman, cavalry man: powder keg
grafton, a is for alibi
grafton, b is for burglar
grafton, c is for corpse
grafton, d is for deadbeat
grafton, e is for evidence
grafton, f is for fugitive
grafton, g is for gumshoe
grafton, h is for homicide
grafton, i is for innocent
grafton, j is for judgment
grafton, k is for killer
grafton, l is for lawless
higgins, the friends of eddie coyle
huston, caught stealing
johnson, hell is empty
jones, frozen sun
kingsley, detective story
lin, this is a bust
mcbain, cop hater
mcbain, doll
mcbain, eighty million eyes
mcbain, give the boys a great big hand
mcbain, the heckler
mcbain, ten plus one
macdonald, the barbarous coast
macdonald, black money
macdonald, the chill
macdonald, the galton case
macdonald, the instant enemy
macdonald, the way some people die
macdonald, the zebra-striped hearse
mayor, red herring
mosley, little scarlet
nielsen, dead on the level
parker, double play
pelecanos, the double
pelecanos, what it was
pronzini, betrayers
pronzini, camouflage
pronzini, fever
pronzini, hellbox
pronzini, nemesis
pronzini, schemers
pronzini, strangers
rash, above the waterfall
rash, the trusty
rector, the cold kiss
reynolds, the civil wars of jonah moran
reynolds, the starlite drive-in
rich, the hand that feeds you
rushing, resisting arrest
sharfeddin, mineral spirits
tapply, gray ghost
treat, v as in victim
victor, the dead letter
victor, the figure eight
whittington, murder is my mistress
wilber, rum point


ammaniti, i'm not scared
arjouni, happy birthday, türke!
aubert, the feast of stephen
baantjer, de kok and murder by installment
baantjer, dekok and the begging death
boulle, le photographe
camilleri, l'altro capo del filo
camilleri, gli arancini di montalbano
camilleri, la caccia al tesoro
camilleri, un covo di vipere
camilleri, il cuoco dell'alcyon
camilleri, la danza del gabbiano
camilleri, l'éta del dubbio
camilleri, excursion to tindari
camilleri, la forma dell'acqua
camilleri, il gioco degli specchi
camilleri, la giostra degli scambi
camilleri, il giro di boa
camilleri, hunting season
camilleri, una lama di luce
camilleri, un mese con montalbano
camilleri, il metodo catalanotti
camilleri, morte in mare aperto
camilleri, la paura di montalbano
camilleri, la piramide di fango
camilleri, la prima indagine di montalbano
camilleri, la rete di protezione
camilleri, la scomparsa di patò
camilleri, il sorriso di angelica
camilleri, la vampa d'agosto
camilleri, la voce del violino
camilleri, una voce di notte
carofiglio, the past is a foreign country
carofiglio, temporary perfections
chessex, a jew must die
gaboriau, la corde au cou
garcía márquez, crónica de una muerte anunciada
garcia-roza, alone in the crowd
garcia-roza, blackout
garcia-roza, objets trouvés
goulet, legacies of the rue morgue
higashino, the devotion of suspect x
higashino, malice
higashino, salvation of a saint
hugo, les misérables
kadare, the successor
keating, inspector ghote's first case
kettenbach, black ice
klüpfel & kobr, erntedank
klüpfel & kobr, milchgeld
komarek, blumen für polt
komarek, polt muß weinen
malet, 120, rue de la gare
manchette, fatale
manchette, nada
manchette, three to kill
marpeau, les yeux des morts
mérimée, carmen
o'donovan, dublin dead
pelletier, le chant du bouc
pelletier, éros et thalasso
quadruppani, la rivoluzione delle api
quartey, children of the street
sciascia, il giorno della civetta
sciascia, to each his own
simenon, l'affaire saint-fiacre
simenon, au rendez-vous des terre-neuvas
simenon, le charretier de "la providence"
simenon, chez les flamands
simenon, le coup de lune
simenon, un crime en hollande
simenon, la danseuse du gai-moulin
simenon, l'écluse nº 1
simenon, en cas de malheur
simenon, le fou de bergerac
simenon, la guinguette à deux sous
simenon, l'homme de Londres
simenon, l'horloger d'everton
simenon, les inconnus dans la maison
simenon, lettre à mon juge
simenon, liberty bar
simenon, maigret
simenon, les mémoires de maigret
simenon, monsieur gallet décédé
simenon, la nuit du carrefour
simenon, l'ombre chinoise
simenon, le passager du "polarlys"
simenon, le pendu de saint-pholien
simenon, pietr-le-letton
simenon, la veuve couderc
steinhauer, the bridge of sighs
tabucchi, la testa perduta di damasceno monteiro
thiéry, le sang du bourreau
vargas, l'homme à l'invers
vargas, l'homme aux cercles bleus
vargas, pars vite et reviens tard
von schirach, schuld
von schirach, verbrechen
zola, la bête humaine