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22 may 2017

Pomegranates are quite tasty, but they have always seemed to me not worth all the trouble.     read more

20 may 2017

When I was very young, the only time I ever saw honey was in the form of single-serving tubs that came along with boxes of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It wasn't that my family avoided sweets. These were the 1960s in the American Midwest. We were practically drowning in Karo. Sugar came into our pantry by the sackload, white, light brown, dark brown, powdered, as rock candy. No home was complete without six different syrups to pour over ice cream. Aunt Jemima was a frequent dinner guest and often stayed over for breakfast.     read more

14 may 2017

The Neue Galerie's exhibit of art by Alexei Jawlensky this spring is enormously informative and moving – and has fortunately been recorded and elaborated by a splendid catalogue edited by Vivian Endicott Barnett.     read more

11 may 2017

Niccolò Ammaniti's I'm Not Scared is one of those novels where you can't bear to watch what will happen next, because it can only get worse.     read more