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18 june 2017

I'm three years behind on reading Michael Connelly. I don't buy his books new; as I've probably said here several times before, I wait till I see them in thrift stores, but they get there slowly and unreliably, particularly now in the age of the e-book. For all I know, Harry Bosch is now uncomfortably not-enjoying a well-earned retirement. But in The Burning Room, he is consciously approaching the end of his career, and actively training his replacement.     read more

17 june 2017

Carnations were my mother's favorite flowers. She had them at her wedding, and my father ordered them for her funeral. She particularly liked a variety called "Mamie Eisenhower," though she had little else good to say about Mamie Eisenhower. She may not even have liked Ike. But the carnations, she approved of.     read more

16 june 2017

Doctor Glas is one of those "minor classics" that you can't believe you weren't told about sooner.     read more

15 june 2017

I am something of an Egyptomaniac, though the intensity comes and goes. As an obsessive museum-goer, I have sometimes devoted decades to seeing anything but Egyptian stuff, which can be unbelievably monotonous. At other times, I've been adamant about seeing every object in every Egyptian collection I pass, which can be unbelievably monotonous for my companions. I've seen traveling Tutankhamen exhibits twice, in Chicago in the 1970s and Philadelphia in the 2000s. I've made pilgrimages to Egyptian collections in Munich, Copenhagen, and Berlin. I would be a pretty good guide to the Egyptian galleries at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum. And now that I've read Ronald Fritze's Egyptomania, I might be able to lead a tour without having to make a lot of stuff up.     read more