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18 february 2019

In my quixotic project of reading through my public library's mystery section in alphabetical order, I have just reached As-At. Though I am very, very far from reading every one. I reject the cozies, the espionage stories, and just about anything I don't like after five or ten pages. This still leaves far more than a reasonable person would set about reading.     read more

15 february 2019

The White Stag is a pretty trippy book to find prominently on the children's shelves of your public library. Kate Seredy won the 1938 Newbery Medal for her chapter book about Hungarian origin legends, and the Medal, as I often note, is like an open time capsule: it preserves to perpetuity the critical tastes of past generations.     read more

11 february 2019

In 1993, Jean-Claude Romand killed his wife, his children, and his parents – and that is possibly one of the less creepy things about him.     read more

8 february 2019

Max Page's City's End, a chronological tour of all the ways in which creative artists have imagined the destruction of New York City, came out in 2008, but I missed it then and had to wait till I ran across it by chance in a thrift store last year to review it here. It was a lucky break, though, because The City's End is exactly the kind of book I designed lection for, a wonderful discussion of an offbeat but weirdly compelling motif in popular culture.     read more