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10 june 2019

Americans pride ourselves that ours is a country where you never have to "show your papers." We also pride ourselves on driving everywhere. As a result, most of the time we're away from home, any cop can stop us and ask us to show our papers.     read more

9 june 2019

I wasn't charitable about Fred Vargas' L'homme aux cercles bleus a few years ago – but the novel annoyed me, it was preposterous and long-winded. Vargas' second Commissaire Adamsberg novel, L'homme à l'envers, is about werewolves, so it didn't hold out a whole lot of promise going in.     read more

7 june 2019

The latest installment in my resolution to read more short fiction is Claire Keegan's highly regarded debut volume Antarctica: well, her debut was 20 years ago, but as I said I wasn't reading enough short fiction over the past two decades.     read more

5 june 2019

Le chant du bouc means "goat-song," and as a character points out to police inspector Maurice Laice, "goat song" is the etymology of the word "tragedy."     read more