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23 november 2014

There's an unusual tension between claims in two prefaces to a new translation of Ovid.     read more

21 november 2014

Åsa Larsson builds on her excellent Till Thy Wrath Be Past to provide more cold cases and angst-laden character arcs in The Second Deadly Sin.     read more

16 november 2014

In a note to Star-Spangled Banner, Marc Ferris notes that "the song has never previously received a broad narrative treatment" (289). Since it's never likely to receive one again, Ferris squeezes in as much information as he can. The results are well worth the squeeze.     read more

11 november 2014

At the end of Nemesis, surnameless Bill promised his wife Kerry that he'd never put himself in the way of bodily harm again. For most of Strangers, he's as good as his word. Sure, he braces a few tough guys in barrooms, drives around a hostile community in a jeep he's borrowed from a client arraigned for serial rapes, and trespasses on the property of a few paranoid gun nuts. But that's mild behavior in the Nameless detective-novel series.     read more