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18 november 2017

Le voleur de bonbons is a novel set on the outskirts of melodrama, with occasional detours into melodrama city center. But its characters are likable and complicated.     read more

13 november 2017

Objets trouvés is a rather leisurely murder mystery, which is odd because the mysterious murders are singularly gruesome, and substantial in number.     read more

11 november 2017

I didn't grow up around lizards. For all I know, there were lots of lizards scuttling through the undergrowth in the places I lived when I was young: Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York. But they showed themselves rarely. I thought of lizards mainly as creatures that lived in zoos. The first time I saw a lot of lizards cavorting loose was on a trip to Venezuela about 30 years ago. For me, it was a seat-of-the-pants introduction to the concept of biological niche. I was staying in an urbanización profusely shaded by mango trees. Iguanas ran around everywhere – actually, mostly sat around – and the whole effect was so like peach trees and squirrels back in the Northeast that I realized I hadn't traveled far at all in ecological terms.     read more

10 november 2017

Keigo Higashino's Malice contains more unreliable narration per unit page than just about any other novel I've ever read.     read more