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à la recherche du temps perdu (proust)
a is for alibi (grafton)
abc murders, the (christie)
abgründe (arnaldur)
abominable man, the (sjöwall & wahlöö)
above the waterfall (rash)
abraham lincoln (mcgovern)
absent one, the (adler-olsen)
accabadora (murgia)
adam of the road (gray)
adventures of john blake, the (pullman & fordham)
aeneid (virgil)
affaire saint-fiacre, l' (simenon)
after appomattox (downs)
against football (almond)
against the grain (scott)
albatross (barwell)
al capone does my shirts (choldenko)
al capone shines my shoes (choldenko)
alchemist, the (jonson)
alexei jawlensky (barnett)
all the light we cannot see (doerr)
all the names (saramago)
all the pieces matter (abrams)
all's well that ends well (shakespeare)
alone in the crowd (garcia-roza)
altro capo del filo, l' (camilleri)
amboyna (dryden)
american born chinese (yang)
american lion (meacham)
american prometheus (bird & sherwin)
amerigo (fernández-armesto)
ammunition (bruen)
amos fortune, free man (yates)
an, un (echenoz)
analphabète, l' (kristof)
anatomy of injustice (bonner)
ancient egyptian state, the (wenke)
andrew jackson (wilentz)
andrew johnson (gordon-reed)
anneaux de bicêtre, les (simenon)
ant (sleigh)
antisocial media (vaidhyanathan)
antonio and mellida (marston)
antony and cleopatra (shakespeare)
ape (sorenson)
apex hides the hurt (whitehead)
appareil-photo, l' (toussaint)
apple (janik)
arancini di montalbano, gli (camilleri)
arctic chill (arnaldur)
arginusae, the battle of (hamel)
army at dawn, an (atkinson)
art of fielding, the (harbach)
art theft and the case of the stolen turners (nairne)
as you like it (shakespeare)
asleep (crosby)
aspirin (jeffreys)
assommoir, l' (zola)
athens burning (garland)
atoms of language, the (baker)
au bonheur des dames (zola)
au rendez-vous des terre-neuvas (simenon)
authentic animal, the (madden)
avare, l' (molière)
avion my uncle flew, the (fisher)