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d is for deadbeat (grafton)
d.a. holds a candle, the (gardner)
da vinci code, the (brown)
dangerously sleepy (derickson)
danseuse du gai-moulin, la (simenon)
danza del gabbiano, la (camilleri)
darkness more than night, a (connelly)
dates (nasrallah)
day commodus killed a rhino, the (toner)
day of battle, the (atkinson)
de kok and murder by installment (baantjer)
dead end in norvelt (gantos)
dead letter, the (victor)
dead on the level (nielsen)
deafo, el (bell)
death and the penguin (kurkov)
death on the diamond (fitzsimmons)
decameron (boccaccio)
dedicated man, a (robinson)
deep ancestry (wells)
deep economy (mckibben)
deer (fletcher)
déménagement, le (simenon)
des éclairs (echenoz)
desperate engagement (leepson)
devil's gentleman, the (schechter)
disagreement, the (taylor)
disarmed (curtis)
divergent (roth)
do fish feel pain? (braithwaite)
dogsong (paulsen)
dog sox, the (hill)
dolphin (rauch)
donkey (bough)
don't look back (fossum)
don't sleep, there are snakes (everett)
door in the wall, the (de angeli)
double, the (pelecanos)
double jeu (nareau)
double play (parker)
dred scott case, the (fehrenbacher)
drop, the (connelly)
dublin dead (o'donovan)
duck (de rijke)
duell (arnaldur)
dwight d. eisenhower (wicker)