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e is for evidence (grafton)
earth after us, the (zalasiewicz)
east of eden (steinbeck)
écluse nº 1, l' (simenon)
ed ruscha's los angeles (schwartz)
edmund j. davis of texas (moneyhon)
eel (schweid)
eerie silence, the (davies)
eiseskälte (arnaldur)
elegance of the hedgehog, the (barbery)
elephant (wylie)
empire of vines (hannickel)
en cas de malheur (simenon)
english patient, the (ondaatje)
entdeckung der currywurst, die (timm)
erlösung (adler-olsen)
errand boy, the (bredes)
esperanto and its rivals (garvía)
éta del dubbio, l' (camilleri)
ethics of waste, the (hawkins)
ex oriente lex (westbrook)
excursion to tindari (camilleri)
executioner's current (moran)
extinction and radiation (archibald)
extra virginity (mueller)