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f is for fugitive (grafton)
faire l'amour (toussaint)
falcon (macdonald)
fall of rome and the end of civilization, the (ward-perkins)
family under the bridge, the (carlson)
fatale (manchette)
fate of liberty, the (neely)
fats (phillipov)
faxed (coopersmith)
feathered river across the sky, a (greenberg)
fever (pronzini)
fever (richmond)
fierce fun of ducky medwick, the (barthel)
fifty-nine in '84 (achorn)
fifty shades of grey (james)
figs (sutton)
fighting men (cotton)
figure eight, the (victor)
fils du dieu de l'orage, le (paasilinna)
finding amelia (gillespie)
first part last, the (johnson)
first sculpture (berlant & wynn)
first word, the (kenneally)
fish can sing, the (laxness)
flamingo (kight)
flat earth (garwood)
flatey enigma, the (viktor arnar)
flatness (higman)
flight of the eagle, the (sundman)
flora and ulysses (dicamillo)
fly (connor)
fog magic (sauer)
folly and glory (mcmurtry)
foray into the worlds of animals and humans, a (von uexküll)
forêt des renards pendus, la (paasilinna)
forever (blume)
forever blue (d'antonio)
forma dell'acqua, la (camilleri)
fortune des rougon, la (zola)
fossil chronicles, the (falk)
fou de bergerac, le (simenon)
fox (wallen)
frank stella (auping)
franklin pierce (holt)
fraud of the century (morris)
frevelopfer (arnaldur)
friends of eddie coyle, the (higgins)
frog (sleigh)
from eden to eternity (minnis)
from main street to mall (howard)
from the mixed-up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler (konigsburg)
frozen assets (bates)
frozen sun (jones)
fruitless fall (jacobsen)
fuir (toussaint)
fuite de monsieur monde, la (simenon)