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l is for lawless (grafton)
lama di luce, una (camilleri)
last call (okrent)
last chance to see (adams & carwardine)
last detective, the (lovesey)
last gunfight, the (guinn)
last of the blue and gray, the (serrano)
last rituals (yrsa)
last stand, the (philbrick)
latin language and latin culture (farrell)
laughing policeman, the (sjöwall & wahlöö)
leech (kirk & pemberton)
lemon (sonneman)
lemur, the (banville)
liberty bar (simenon)
libra (delillo)
lighthousekeeping (winterson)
limits of pain, the (blom)
lincoln lawyer, the (connelly)
lincoln legends (steers)
lindbergh (berg)
lion (jackson)
lobster (king)
lobster (townsend)
locked room, the (sjöwall & wahlöö)
london boulevard (bruen)
loner, the (wier)
lord god bird, the (hill)
lyndon b. johnson (peters)